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Biometric Security – A Blessing or A Curse?

by October 12, 2018

Your identity is your most priceless possession, protect it! The identity here in question is not your personality but your body. Today, the body makes-up to be the most authenticate password …

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MoneyOnMobile Introduces New Biometric ATM Product

by May 25, 2018

MoneyOnMobile, Inc. announced the launch of a new biometric-based ATM cash-out solution. In the initial phase, the company activated 3,000 units and expects another 3,000 activations in the …

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Fingerprint Scanner: Technologies Which Change the Rule of Thumb

by January 10, 2017

Fingerprints are in vogue, now available even in entry-level phones. If you’re vigilant about your privacy and unwanted peaks into your screen set turmoil in your heart, you must already …

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