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Top 5 Blockchain Startups to Look Out for in 2019

by January 30, 2019

Back in 2011 when Bitcoin was traded for 1USD, not much of thought was given to it. However, few years down the lane it got traded at 16,000USD. …

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Blockchain Implementations are still POCs

by November 26, 2018

Authored by Pushpendra Baghel – Head Solutions and Technology Advisory Group, 3i Infotech Blockchain implementations are mostly POCs being done in the hope to convert them to fully fledged projects. The …

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Demystifying Blockchain and Key Trends

by October 22, 2018

Authored By: By Purshottam Purswani, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Atos India Most conversations surrounding Blockchain so far have centred around Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Financial Services. While these are the most commonly-known applications, …

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Alluma Launches its Beta, Institutional Grade Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

by August 14, 2018

Alluma has announced the launch of its Beta platform offering crypto-to-crypto trading, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as the base currencies. In addition, the Alluma Beta exchange …

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Unocoin Introduces TrueUSD coin on Unodax exchange

by August 9, 2018

Unocoin announced the availability of TrueUSD on its Unodax platform. With the current ban on INR to Crypto transactions in India, Unocoin intends to provide its users on …

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Bitcoin companies warn customers of Risk

by July 5, 2018

If you have invested in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, the crypto-exchange service providers are warning investors about the risk of sale and purchase of bitcoins in the future. As the …

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WazirX Introduces P2P Crypto Transfers

by June 27, 2018

WazirX has been gearing up to adapt to the RBI ban on crypto investments and trading. The aspirational brand has come up with an innovative P2P transfer solution …

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Unocoin Introduces a Live Order-book Trading Platform – UNODAX

by June 4, 2018

Unocoin announced the launch of UNODAX. Simplifying its offerings, UNODAX is a dedicated platform for live order-book trading of various altcoins, supporting the growing ambition of highly active crypto traders …

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Zebpay Introduces Ether to the Exchange

by February 27, 2018

Zebpay announced the trading of Ether (cryptocurrency) on the exchange, the users can now trade in Ether in addition to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple, it means that the …

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What are the technology trends to be expected in 2018?

by January 25, 2018

Authored By Eric Wei, Senior Sales Director, ViewSonic Asia-Pacific The technology landscape is dynamic, with each passing year; we witness numerous innovations and product breakthroughs. In recent times we have seen …

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Bitcoin Exchange Company Files For Bankruptcy

by December 20, 2017

A South Korean Bitcoin exchange company named Youbit has filed for bankruptcy after it was hacked for the second time in the year 2017. It was before hacked in April …

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eScan: Key Trends In Security for 2018

by December 19, 2017

As we step into the new year, 2018 and embrace the fast-changing digital world, on the behind we leave a trail of 2017 marred with cyber-attacks which have been …

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Google – Entertainment continues to fuel India’s Search momentum in 2017

by December 13, 2017

Bidding farewell to the year and anticipating the onset of 2018, Google India announced its 2017 Year in Search results, recapping the top trends and searches through the collective eyes …

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G2A.com Lists Bitcoin for Payment Options in India

by December 12, 2017

G2A.com recently listed the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin on the platform, G2A Pay. Now the Bitcoin can be used to accept payment and shop at G2A.com.  For this, G2A has …

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ThoughtWorks’ Bi-Annual Technology Radar Recognizes Blockchain Gaining in the Enterprise

by December 5, 2017

The technology underpinning the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is increasingly being adopted in the enterprise, with companies finding ways to leverage blockchain solutions for distributed ledgers and smart contracts. This trend has …

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Digital Mints: Know the Factory

by June 20, 2017

Bitcoin, a digital currency, created and held electronically. Bitcoins are not printed, like any other currency. They are produced by people, and businesses running computers all around the world using …

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Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay reaches 500,000 downloads mark

by May 18, 2017

Zebpay, an app-based bitcoin exchange, recently announced achieving 500,000 downloads on Android Play Store. The present milestone highlights growing acceptance of Bitcoins as one of the most popular emerging asset …

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Craig Wright Claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto

by May 2, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Ending years of speculation Australian tech entrepreneur Craig Wright has confirmed his identity as creator of Bitcoin. In an interview with the BBC, Dr Wright provided proof that …

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Bitcoin Mobile Wallet App ‘Zebpay’ Now Available in India

by March 12, 2015

Zebpay enters in the Indian market with its mobile application for Android smarphones. It intends to make bitcoins accessible to everybody. This app helps users easily buy, store, send …

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