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F&D Launches Bluetooth Speaker W8

by August 13, 2018

F&D announced the launch of its newest ‘Portable Bluetooth Speaker – W8’.With ergonomic design &360-degree audio-visual sound field, the speaker takes portable entertainment to a whole new dimension.

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SoundBot Launches Its Latest Anti Dust & Water-Resistant Speaker – SB531

by June 20, 2018

SoundBot introduces the latest addition in their portable Bluetooth speaker range -SB531. IPX7 certified, this gadget survives even if submerged in water or exposed to extreme conditions making …

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JVC Announces its first Bluetooth speaker in India, XS-XN226

by March 22, 2018

JVC expands its portfolio and announced the launch of its newest Bluetooth speaker, which is brimming with amazing sound quality and perfect definition of entertainment. Loud and Clear Sound is one …

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Quantum Hi Tech Introduces Its first Bluetooth Speaker

by March 15, 2018

Extending its line of audio, QHMPL announces the addition of its first Bluetooth speaker ‘QHM 6333’ that combines vintage ‘Box looks’ with Modern Sound. A perfect blend of timeless design and high-quality sound in …

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Toreto Launches “Bang” TOR-307 – Compact Pocketsize Bluetooth Speaker

by February 28, 2018

Toreto launched a very compact, affordable easy to use and attractive Bluetooth Speaker, “Bang” TOR-307. The newly launched “Bang” TOR-307 wireless Bluetooth Speaker is portable and extremely powerful that is an epitome of heart-soothing …

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Truvison Introduces Bluetooth Tower speaker TV-555BT

by January 31, 2018

Truvison extends its audio category portfolio with the launch of its newest ‘TV-555BT 2.0 Tower Speaker’ that boasts amazing sound with the pitch-perfect balance of loudness and crystal clarity. Encased in Wooden housing, …

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Astrum Introduces Super Slim Bluetooth Speaker ST150

by January 9, 2018

Astrum introduces its latest Super Slim Bluetooth Speaker- ST150. The latest ST 150 has everything a Bluetooth Speaker should have – Its Loud, yet detailed. Portable …

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Enjoy Unchained Melodies In Ungripped Joy With Portronics “SoundGrip”

by December 8, 2017

Portronics announces the launch of  “SoundGrip”- a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker with extraordinary clarity of sound and sleek stylish looks. Easy to Carry, Lustrous and Robust built quality: SoundGrip is available in three …

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Storm, a Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker in 1,899 Rs

by August 3, 2017

Power bank manufacturer, Pebble has intoduced a new multi functional speaker named Storm. Packed with a robust feature-set, this device is the best on offer under its category with a minimal …

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Pebble Launches Jukebox, a Slim & Portable Bluetooth Speaker

by July 7, 2017

Pebble announced the launch of JukeBox for music lovers who can flaunt it on their palm, shove it in their pocket or fasten it on their rucksack. The launch is …

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ZOOOK ZB-Rocker Torpedo Bluetooth Speaker

by February 16, 2017

A new entrant to the Indian audio segment, French company ZOOOK has unveiled the rugged Rocker Torpedo Bluetooth speaker. The speaker has nice rubberised body and looks quite solid from …

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Creative Muvo 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Loud on Sound

by January 10, 2017

Creative has introduced its new range of Bluetooth speakers with a couple of key improvements and in my opinion, it has the potential to give its competitors a run for …

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Portronics Launches All-in-one Bluetooth Speaker: Subline-III

by November 9, 2016

Portronics launched a high quality and versatile rechargeable Bluetooth stereo speaker, “Sublime III” .  You can play it with multiple sources of music, set wake-up alarm, and use it as a …

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User Query: High-end Bluetooth speaker

by June 8, 2016

Q- I want to buy a high-end Bluetooth speaker. Please suggest what to look for? – Rashmi S A: Bang and Olufsen Beolit 15 is one of the few standout products in …

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Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 portable speaker launched at Rs.16999

by May 2, 2016

Creative today announced the launch of a brand new variant of the critically acclaimed Sound Blaster Roar portable Bluetooth wireless speaker − the smaller and lighter Sound Blaster Roar 2. The …

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Zebronics Launches Affordable Dot Bluetooth Speaker For Travellers

by April 18, 2016

No matter where you’re headed this summer, set the mood with some tunes. Zebronics latest ‘DOT Speakers’ that can travel from the park to the beach, but work just as …

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JBL Flip 3 Review

by March 10, 2016

The JBL Flip 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with built-in rechargeable battery. Physically speaking the speaker looks like mini variant of JBL Charge.

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Creative SoundBlaster Free Bluetooth Speaker

by February 3, 2016

Gone are the days when you used Bluetooth speaker for just music playback, now you need some extra functionality to make it stand out from the crowd and the Creative …

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Ultimate Ears launched disc shaped waterproof bluetooth speaker UE Roll at Rs.8495

by January 22, 2016

Ultimate Ears continues to transform the way people experience music, together, out in the world. Today Ultimate Ears announces UE ROLL, a powerful disc shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker that is ready …

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LG Music Flow H5 and H7 Wireless Speaker Review

by December 30, 2015

With portable speakers wobbling around everywhere, you must have heard the phrase carry your music wherever you go. Well LG Music Flow H5 & H7 speakers deliver on to that …

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