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G-Shock introduces ‘More Strength More Style’ with new GA-2000 watches

by April 29, 2019

Strength and style has always remained the urban man’s passion, and Casio has consistently kept up with this through constant and unique innovations in their G-Shock watches. The latest on …

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Casio India Presents the World’s First GST Calculator

by November 13, 2018

Casio India has announced the launch of the world’s first GST calculator. With the introduction of GST in 2017, Casio India adopted the mission to provide a single …

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Celebrate World Music Day with Casio’s Dash Berlin-Limited Edition watches

by June 21, 2017

Casio has been encouraging an energetic music culture in the country with its innovative concepts of product designing. Therefore, to pump up the adrenaline of music lovers this World Music …

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Casio Baby-G Runners Collection for Fitness Seeking Women

by April 20, 2017

Casio brings its first fitness BABY-G BGA-240 watch, under the Runners’ Collection for active girls. The new running-inspired collection by Casio appreciates the sportsman spirit in young women and their ability to …

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Casio launches eco-friendly LampFree projector – EcoLite XJ-V1

by July 31, 2015

Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (CIC), announced the launch of EcoLite XJ-V1 projector,  the addition of a new introductory model to its portfolio of LampFree projectors. A combination of high brightness, amplified …

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