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How Faster Internet Speeds Have Improved Global Broadband Penetration

by July 5, 2016

Akamai has released its quarterly State of the Internet Report (SOTI) for Q1 2016. Some of the key highlights of the APJ region are listed below. Key Highlights from APJ region: – Thirteen of the fifteen surveyed Asia Pacific countries/regions had average connection speeds above the 4 Mbps broadband threshold in the first quarter—up from eleven in the fourth quarter of 2015—and seven of these exceeded the 10 Mbps threshold—up from five last quarter. – India and the Philippines once again had the lowest average connection speeds among surveyed countries in the region, both at 3.5 Mbps. – All 15 surveyed countries/regions in the Asia Pacific region showed year-over-year growth in observed average connection speeds in the first quarter. Indonesia, with a 110% gain, was again the only country to see its average connection speed more than double compared with the year prior. – Singapore, which already leads the world in peak speeds, continues to push the speed frontier (146.9 – peak mbps).

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7 CDN Services to Speed up Your Website’s Access

by November 16, 2015

CDN is a mechanism where a network of multiple servers at different places caches all your website static content like images, CSS, Javascript and stores it on their …

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