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Haptik Introduces voice bots, builds first automated voice ordering bots for KFC

by January 22, 2019

Haptik recently developed a voice bot for the brand offering the world’s tastiest chicken – KFC India – on Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. This means that consumers can now call for their favorite …

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Lupin Introduces India’s First Chatbot for Patients

by November 23, 2018

Pharma major Lupin announced the launch of a chatbot named ‘ANYA’ specially designed to provide medically verified information for health-related queries. ANYA is the first bot of its …

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Courierhome Launched its first Chatbot powered by ALIS

by October 26, 2018

Courierhome launched its first Chatbot powered by ALIS (Advanced Logistics Intelligence Solution).Courierhome has made different processes of Chatbot for customers, online vendors and corporate respectively. This new service of Courierhome will …

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Jolly App Bridges the Gap between Customers and Brands

by October 1, 2018

Our life is largely dependent on electronics, appliances, gadgets, automobiles, etc. We buy it; we use it and dispose of it to buy another one. It’s a continuous cycle that …

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In2IT Technologies Launches New Chatbot

by March 27, 2018

In2IT Technologies announces the launch of a chatbot which is targeted at both public and private sector organisations. The new chatbot, named ‘Mapula’ (‘mother of rain’ in Sesotho), …

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Facebook Teaching Chatbots to Talk

by January 29, 2018

In the age of technology and mobile phones, people seek for faster and better services that they can get by just one click. So, companies and brands are trying out …

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An Interview with Chris Koziol, President, Aspect Software: “Emerging Markets In India are the biggest focus for Aspect”

by December 29, 2017

Aspect Software has been a vendor in the contact center market for more than 40 years, providing on-premises telephony management systems, workforce management and BI systems. Chris Koziol, President at Aspect …

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Shell Lubricants Launches Lubechat

by September 13, 2017

Shell Lubricants announced the launch of Shell LubeChat – an interactive, intuitive, and integrated digital platform designed to offer solutions to its valued customers – distribution sales representatives, maintenance heads, …

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Chatbots Promising Exponential Growth for Futuristic Enterprises of Today

by March 9, 2017

By Rashmi Mishra, VP- Product, ACL Mobile Limited Chatbots can today be seen everywhere, be it websites …

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