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China, Canada Say No to Cyberattacks on private sector

by June 27, 2017

China and Canada have signed an agreement vowing not to conduct state-sponsored cyberattacks against each other aimed at stealing trade secrets or other confidential business information. The agreement was reached during talks between …

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China Ready for Public IoT Network after ZTE Conducts Successful NB-IoT Field Test

by April 12, 2017

ZTE Corporation has successfully accomplished China Mobile’s first NB-IoT field test in Guangzhou. The NB-IoT field test was organized by China Mobile, which follows the principle of only one vendor in …

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Apple Sues Qualcomm in China, Claims it Abused its Market Position

by January 27, 2017

Apple has filed two complaints against Qualcomm in China. According to the Beijing court’s press release, one of the complaints alleges a violation of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law, and the other …

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‘China-India’ Mobile Phone Industry Summit to Boost Make in India

by January 11, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In a major boost to the “Make in India” initiative of PM Narendra Modi, the Indian Cellular Association (ICA), apex body representing the Mobile handset Industry in …

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