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Gemalto Boosts Cloud Security with a Scalable Virtual Key Management Solution

by August 9, 2018

Gemalto announced a next-generation key management solution, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, for simpler and stronger cloud security. Companies can extend their data protection policies to private and public clouds and centralize …

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Rising importance of Cloud Security

by May 15, 2018

Authored By- Abhijit Chatterji, CIO, C-Zentrix Cloud security is mostly about securing the online data from theft, leakage …

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Threat Prevention Software Expected To Take-Over In The Future

by April 19, 2018

A secure life is what everybody yearns for – be it humans or your organization’s IT infrastructure. When we talk about security in the present day world, I guess securing our …

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Mathivanan V, ManageEngine: Cyber attacks aren’t likely to slow down in 2018

by April 9, 2018

Cloud computing makes data omnipresent. Thus, the pervasiveness of data requires protection and security; cloud security plays a paramount role here. In the present day scenario, cloud security has to face …

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Oracle’s Security Gambit

by February 27, 2018

Oracle is offering a range of holistic security solutions based on cloud Oracle has seen a long journey for more than 4 decades. Over the years, the company has transformed …

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Cracks in the Cloud: The Next Frontier for Cybercrime

by June 7, 2017

The advantages of cloud computing—scalability, speed to market, lower costs and higher productivity—are well known throughout most industries. But for cyber criminals, this new, borderless infrastructure is a potential goldmine. According …

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Akamai Releases Q1 2015 State of the Internet – Security Report

by May 21, 2015

Akamai Technologies, Inc. announces the availability of the Q1 2015 State of the Internet – Security Report. This quarter’s report, which provides analysis and insight into the global cloud security …

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