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There is a great shift from multichannel to omnichannel

by September 30, 2019

Businesses in India want to adopt technology which is open and flexible. Indian customers are willing to adopt technology and willing to pay a price for it too, explains KT …

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Digital disruption, AI and IoT in the CRM space

by September 30, 2019

Colleen Berube, Chief Information Officer of Zendesk, talks about Customer Relationship Management solutions, how small and large companies should deal with them respectively and also the future that is shaping …

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Sales Enablement 2019: Trends Defining the Industry in the Year to Come

by January 21, 2019

 Attribute To: Mr Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave Digitization and advancing technologies have transformed almost every industry in the world today. While processes are increasingly becoming streamlined, analysis more accurate, and overall …

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The Dawn of The New Age Salesman

by December 12, 2018

Attributed To: Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave Digital evolution is bringing in new ways of life. This change transcends into newer work roles too while revamping the old roles to fit into …

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AI-powered Sales, a Paradigm Shift

by December 12, 2018

A result-oriented sales team is the driving force and a determining factor for the success of any business. Traditional sales methodologies have paved the way for more advanced techniques thanks …

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Havells: Transforming Salesforce

by November 25, 2018

Solution Requirement Managing the sales activities is a challenging task for Havells with their extensive sales undertakings. The challenge is to fit the portability in sales intelligence, stocking the distributed sales …

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Zendesk Introduces Sunshine, an Open and Flexible CRM Platform

by November 15, 2018

 Zendesk, Inc.  launched Sunshine, an open and flexible customer relationship management (CRM) platform built completely in the public cloud on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Zendesk Sunshine enables businesses …

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Growing Technology and E-Commerce Trends

by July 12, 2018

Authored By: Rahul Bahukhandi, Founder, LaYuva It’s not been a long while since the digital commerce started taking over the traditional market culture. The comfort of shopping from home, digital …

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Babajob: Technology for Grey Collar

by July 2, 2018

Solution Requirement About six million job seekers in India have turned to Babajob to find their next role. Far from your average jobs board, the fast-growing platform is changing the face …

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From Azure to Pink of Health

by June 29, 2018

Solution Requirements The organization developed a few platforms and solutions to achieve the efficiency and uniformity they desired. One of these new platforms was Apollo Personal Health Record (PHR) to help …

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*astTECS Announces CRM with Location Tracking

by May 24, 2018

*astTECS announced the launch of  *astTrac – a location tracking CRM system, that empowers the organization to track activities of the mobile workforce, gain crucial insight into their …

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How WhatsApp can combine with your CRM to improve your Business?

by April 27, 2018

Attributed To Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions Do you remember the days when you lived without WhatsApp? …

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How startups and SME’s can leverage open source CRM to increase business

by February 19, 2018

By Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions Often CRM is looked upon as a viable tool for larger businesses and enterprises while SME’s and Start-ups often view it as a …

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Cyber Security and CRM

by February 12, 2018

Authored By Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions With CRM becoming an essential business practice, the days when vital customer and company data was stocked up securely in a cabinet …

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Top CRM trends to look out for in 2018

by January 30, 2018

By Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions With the fast evolution of technology and its innovative implantation to drive business intelligence, it is imperative to understand the key developments in the …

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CRM In Government Sector: Scope and Challenges

by November 28, 2017

By Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions Governments today function similarly as MNC’s. The head of states are like CEO’s who are answerable to multiple stakeholders and ultimately to the …

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How SMEs can plan Growth Strategy with Power of CRM

by July 26, 2017

By Limesh Parekh  the CEO of Enjay IT Solutions Ltd In today’s world Automation and growth are like synonyms. But when it comes to SMEs when they talk about …

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Artificial Intelligence to Shape the Future of Brand Communications

by May 19, 2017

By Ashu Kajekar, CEO at 7EDGE We all know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) making significant contributions towards enhancing the quality of customer relationship management (CRM) among large organizations. But …

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ManageEngine Integrates IT Service Desk for MSPs with Zoho Business Apps

by April 5, 2017

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, announced the integration of its flagship MSP offering, ServiceDesk Plus MSP, with its parent company’s sales and finance apps (Zoho CRM, Zoho Books and …

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Pegasystems Inc. Includes AI and Robotics in its CRM Offering

by March 8, 2017

Pegasystems Inc. has announced new artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation capabilities in its customer relationship management (CRM) offerings that enable businesses to optimize their sales and customer service effectiveness …

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