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Skybox Security: Crypto mining Replaces Ransomware as Most Popular Cybercrime Malware

by July 19, 2018

Skybox Security the release of its mid-year update to the vulnerability and Threat Trends Report which analyzes vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in play. The report, compiled by the team of …

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Alleged Botnet Operator Arrested in Spain, Faces Multiple Charges in the US

by April 13, 2017

The US Justice Department has launched a coordinated takedown operation to disrupt and dismantle the Kelihos botnet (also known as Waledac). The operation follows on from the arrest in Spain …

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Cybersecurity in an Ever-Expanding Cyber-Tech Age

by January 20, 2017

You are at risk and no one can safeguard you except yourself; think a million times before making any move From students to professionals, from homemakers to public icons, everyone is …

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Are Smart TVs Compromising People’s Privacy?

by November 29, 2016

Smart TVs are providing a new window of opportunity for cybercriminals as the security defenses of the devices often lag far behind those of smartphones and desktop computers. Running on mobile …

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These Five Security Threats will Leave you High and Dry, Here’s How to Tackle Them

by June 7, 2016

The threat landscape is changing with the advent of new technologies and devices that are interconnected. Here we discuss the five latest security threats and steps to combat them – Jagdish …

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Most Wanted Black Hatters of all Time

by May 30, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The Black hatters have extensive computer knowledge and the intention to breach or bypass internet security. These dark-side hackers have been notorious for siphoning off millions of …

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Here are the Two Biggest Security Threats to Corporate India

by May 23, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Growing threats of terrorism, natural disasters and increasing instances of social unrest have made physical security one of the biggest concerns for corporate India. A large number …

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Why it’s so Easy to Make an ATM Obey Hacker Commands

by April 28, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Almost any ATM in the world could be illegally accessed and jackpotted with or without the help of malware. According to research conducted by Kaspersky Lab experts, …

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Advanced Professional Attack Groups First to Leverage Zero-day Vulnerabilities: Symantec

by April 25, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Volume 21, reveals an organizational shift by cybercriminals: They are adopting corporate best practices and establishing professional businesses …

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How to Not Become Target of Cyber Crime

by October 7, 2015

The security landscape globally as well as in India is changing very rapidly. Cyberattackers are leap-frogging defenses in ways companies lack insight to anticipate. According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat …

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Black Vine targeting multiple industries since 2012

by July 31, 2015

Earlier this year, the second largest health insurance provider in the US publicly disclosed that it had been the victim of a major cyber attack which is believed to be …

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Global Cyber Security Threats Landscape

by July 15, 2015

Attacks to penetrate security setups of organizations are becoming more targeted, with attackers focusing ever more sharply on stealing business …

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Small Businesses are big opportunities for cyber attacks

by May 8, 2015

Small businesses often have fewer resources to invest in security, and many are still not adopting simple and basic best practices such as blocking executable files and screensaver email attachments. …

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Blue Coat Launches Mail Threat Defense For Protection Against Cyber Espionage

by April 10, 2015

Blue Coat Systems announced the addition of Mail Threat Defense to its portfolio of Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions. With the addition of mail threat defense, Blue Coat provides in-depth …

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