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Secure Video Conferencing: Define roles to avoid video calls hijacking, data theft

by April 21, 2020

Soma Tah   The Coronavirus crisis has brought in significant changes to life and work. Organizations embraced ‘remote work’ culture to ensure business continuity during stringent countrywide lockdown measures. The demand fort team …

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Cracks in the Cloud: The Next Frontier for Cybercrime

by June 7, 2017

The advantages of cloud computing—scalability, speed to market, lower costs and higher productivity—are well known throughout most industries. But for cyber criminals, this new, borderless infrastructure is a potential goldmine. According …

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Lenovo launches 2017 range of legendary Think PCs powered by Intel

by June 6, 2017

Lenovo has announced the launch of its extensive 2017 Think product line powered by 7th Generation Intel Core  i7 Processors. The new 2017 range of ThinkPads, Think Centres and TIOs comes with …

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Mission Critical Assets of Global Organisations Vulnerable to Cyberattacks: Accenture Study

by March 3, 2017

With the frequency and scope of serious cyberattacks on the rise, nearly three quarters of organizations (73 percent) globally cannot identify and fully protect their corporate high-value assets and processes, …

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Cloud and Security, Two Key Focus Areas for CIOs Over Next Three Years: VMware

by March 1, 2017

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, announced key findings from a VMware-commissioned study that identifies key CIO priorities in India for the next three years. Conducted …

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Rising Cyberthreats Make Data Security a Hot Career Prospect

by January 2, 2017

With reports of data breaches every other day, leading to grave financial losses, it’s time to sit up and take note of the vulnerable IT networks for spying, data leakage, …

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Mitigate mobile data loss with Mobile Application Management MAM

by July 15, 2015

Symantec announces Mobility Suite 5.3 to extend data loss prevention technology to mobile devices. This release aligns to Symantec’s Unified Security strategy and will help organizations leverage the power of …

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7 Free File Encryption Tools

by April 1, 2015

 Keep the sensitive files encrypted and under your control with these some free but worthy file encryption tools Axcrypt: A  software that enables you to easily …

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Managing Multiple Identities and Ensuring Data Security in the BYOD Era

by March 9, 2015

The mushrooming of mobile devices each with its own platform has also led to the problem of managing multiple identities employees maintain on such devices and use to …

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