eScan detects a new wave of Ransomware affecting India

by July 26, 2018

Last year WannaCry created havoc across the globe and due to its lateral movement; it had penetrated into the networks and skipped across the countries and continents. Furthermore, …

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eScan: Key Trends In Security for 2018

by December 19, 2017

As we step into the new year, 2018 and embrace the fast-changing digital world, on the behind we leave a trail of 2017 marred with cyber-attacks which have been …

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eScan Introduces New TSPM Technology to Block RDP Hacking Attacks

by October 3, 2017

With the growing complexity of cyber-attacks, enterprises are spending millions to avoid cyber-crime. However, due to bad security practices such as usage of elementary passwords for system access creates most …

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eScan Flags Security Concerns Sparked by Xiaomi’s MIUI System Apps

by August 11, 2017

Security solutions company, eScan has recently come up with astudy that highlights some security loopholes in Xiaomi smartphone’s OS. eScan has alerted Xiaomi users of multiple flaws in MIUI system …

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eScan Receives Performance Test Certification for enterprise security

by July 11, 2017

eScan has recently received AV-Comparatives’ Performance Test certification for its enterprise security product eScan Corporate 360. eScan Corporate 360 has been successful in achieving the Performance Test Certification by AV Comparatives’ …

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eScan observes a threat in Wi-Fi service by RailWire

by May 24, 2017

The smart city dream is making everyone enthusiastic. However, this comes with security breaches and malware attacks that can have a detrimental effect on the entire nation. Public Wi-Fi networks …

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eScan Decimates Ransomware Hoax News

by May 17, 2017

More than the actual attack of the WannaCry Ransomware, which held to ransom millions of computers and businesses worldwide demanding ransom to be paid in bitcoins worth $300 to unlock …

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Technology advancements: A boon or curse

by May 11, 2017

Technology invasion in our daily life has been now an irreversible truth. It has made everyone dependent for everyday work, be it personal or professional. From as small as bill …

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eScan Ready to Protect You with Latest PBAE Technology Offering Protection from Ransomware

by October 12, 2016

eScan brings latest security solutions ‘eScan Total Security Suite for Business’ and ‘eScan Internet Security Suite for Business’ for small to corporate segments. These products are designed and developed with …

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eScan Debuts New Technology for Detection and Mitigation of Ransomware

by September 26, 2016

eScan’s latest introduction of its PBAE technology now provides the strong defense against Ransomware attacks. This year has seen an unprecedented growth of more than 172% rise in ransomware attacks …

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New First OS X Ransomware Appears: Threat for Mac

by March 11, 2016

Earlier eScan predictions threat for 2016 which proved to be correct! As they have stated, “Ransomware creators would be looking to target new operating system such as Mac”, now they …

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