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Instagram to hide likes, do influencers need to worry?

by November 13, 2019

After changing its name from Instagram to Instagram by Facebook, the popular instant photo-sharing app is planning to take yet another bold step – removing likes from a post. Instagram …

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This Instagram’s ‘Parent Guide’ will help your kids browse safely

by October 23, 2019

The launch of LinkedIn in 2002 marked an era of social networks and in fact, the social media industry has become so colossal today that over two billion users are …

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Why Facebook wants to rename Instagram, WhatsApp?

by August 7, 2019

Two widely used apps WhatsApp and Instagram – both now owned by Facebook, will have their name changed across the Google Play Store and Apple Store and in their display …

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Instagram now allows you to Shadow ban bullies

by July 10, 2019

It seems like Instagram has taken online bullying very seriously. To prevent online bullying, Instagram now allows users to restrict or ‘shadow ban’ accounts that indulge in bullying. What is Shadow …

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Instagram launches ‘sensitivity screen’ to blur questionable content

by February 7, 2019

Aiming to reduce exposure of minors to self-harming and disturbing content on its platform, Instagram has rolled out the “sensitivity screen” feature that blurs questionable pictures and put in video-thumbnails …

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Snapchat Code Discovered: Snapchat Comes Aboard with Amazon for ‘Camera Search’ Feature

by July 11, 2018

Snapchat is creating a visual product search feature, which will turn its camera into a visual search engine. The feature is codenamed to be ‘Eagle’ – it will connect Snappers …

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Snapchat Gets Instagram-Style Feature: Now Tag Users in Your Snap Stories

by March 9, 2018

Tables have turned! According to TechCrunch, Snapchat has borrowed a feature from Instagram. Now you can tag your friends and other users with a mention to their profile in your …

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10 Apps that Made India ‘appy in 2017

by November 13, 2017

Delve into the Universe of mobile applications and learn which ones made it to the list of 10 most popular apps of 2017. Ever wondered about the day when your mobile …

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Tools that help you enhance your social presence

by May 27, 2015

These social media monitoring and analytics tools will allow you to enhance your online social presence and marketing strategy.   Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that helps you monitor and analyze data found across all your online services, including Google

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