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Microsoft’s IoT Solutions Empower Organisations and Increase their Operational Efficiency

by January 28, 2019

IoT is one of the crucial technological advancements that would empower every business for the long run. Internet of Things has a massive role to play in various industries and …

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Top Technology Trends that will rule the Retail sector in 2019

by December 24, 2018

In today’s modern retail environment, information is available everywhere. Consumers are well informed and expect personalized experiences when they shop. This means that the table stakes have changed …

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DataCultr Introduces its IOT Edge Gateway platform for Connected Devices

by December 20, 2018

DataCultr announces the launch of its Internet of Things Edge Gateway platform for connected devices helping enterprises to implement large-scale and mission-critical IoT solutions. With its platform, DataCultr has brought …

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Industry’s first RISC-V SoC FPGA architecture brings real-time to Linux

by December 5, 2018

In a new era of computing driven by the convergence of 5G, machine learning and the internet of things (IoT), embedded developers need the richness of Linux-based operating …

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VIVOTEK Announces Integration with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

by November 22, 2018

VIVOTEK  announced 46 network cameras are natively integrated with Amazon Kinesis Video Stream and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT) will support the AWS IoT Camera Connector Quick Start. The combined implementation of Amazon Kinesis …

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Spirent Communications Approved as Authorized Test Lab for New CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Certification

by September 17, 2018

Spirent Communications announced that it has been approved as an Authorized Test Lab for CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Certification, a new testing program designed to confirm the security designs and …

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Gartner Identifies Six Barriers to Becoming a Digital Business

by July 27, 2018

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, they are finding that digital business is not as simple as buying the latest technology — it requires significant changes to culture …

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McGraw Hill Education Introduces Two New Books

by July 9, 2018

McGraw Hill Education recently launched two books, namely, ‘Applied Machine Learning’ and ‘Data Analytics Using R’. ‘Applied Machine Learning’ a self-study guide for machine learning projects authored by M. Gopal, an …

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VIAVI Solutions Introduces New Cellular IoT Testing Capabilities

by June 21, 2018

VIAVI Solutions introduced latest cellular IoT (CIoT) capabilities to its TeraVM solution. It will allow operators, vendors and service providers to test and future-proof their networks for the …

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Avaya/IDC Research: Asia-Pacific Enterprises Lead the way in Digital Disruption

by April 26, 2018

Companies in Asia-Pacific are more confident in their ability to disrupt markets by implementing new digital technologies and business models, according to research conducted by International Data Corporation …

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Aeris Introduces Internet of Things Solution for The Social Sector

by February 6, 2018

In a move designed to promote the adoption of Internet of Things across sectors, leading IoT platform and solutions provider Aeris Communications has announced the launch of an exclusive solution …

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Microsoft: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive technologies & IoT Spurring Digital India

by December 19, 2017

Microsoft India showcased several projects that make use of the company’s cloud-based artificial intelligence, cognitive services and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that can change the way citizens, enterprises and …

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DHL and Huawei Accelerate Inbound-to-manufacturing Logistics with Internet of Things Solution

by September 6, 2017

DHL Supply Chain together with Huawei Technologies has launched a Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) application at an automotive site in Liuzhou, China. Leveraging existing infrastructure and limited investments, the …

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Ericsson launches network services for massive IoT

by July 11, 2017

As the first commercial Internet of Things (IoT) networks are being introduced, Ericsson complements its cellular IoT software and IoT Accelerator offerings with a complete set of network services. These …

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IBM seeks help from developers on AI, machine learning

by June 27, 2017

IBM is looking at engaging with developers in India in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) to help them hone their skills for new technology trends. As part …

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Computex 2017: Chipmakers switch focus from Smartphones

by June 2, 2017

Chipmakers switched focus at Taiwan’s top tech fair this week with bets on new areas such as driverless cars, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, shifting away from smartphones where intense …

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The next generation of technology – “IoT for efficiency and efficacy leading to better life”

by May 19, 2017

By Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartron IoT will usher in the next big change – it’s not just letting your gadgets talk to each other – it is …

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IoT: Bringing convenience to home

by May 19, 2017

By Ripu Daman Sharma, Country Manager Sales, India Subcontinent, Lutron Electronics Picture a scenario where you are able to control the lighting of your house while contentedly relaxing on …

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Busting the Myth -Home Automation Needs to Be Planned and Implemented at Construction Stage

by May 19, 2017

By Shishir Gupta, CEO at Oakter It was the sweltering summer of 2013. My friends and I decided to traverse around the city of NCR. We conducted a survey …

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Smartron srt.phone launched in India, price starts at Rs 12,999

by May 3, 2017

IoT startup Smartron has launched a new smartphone in India – srt.phone. Smartron’s srt.phone is available in two storage variants — 32GB and 64GB. Priced at Rs 12,999 and Rs …

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