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DataCultr Introduces its IOT Edge Gateway platform for Connected Devices

by December 20, 2018

DataCultr announces the launch of its Internet of Things Edge Gateway platform for connected devices helping enterprises to implement large-scale and mission-critical IoT solutions. With its platform, DataCultr has brought …

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HP Enterprise drives intelligence at ‘The Edge’ with new IoT solutions

by December 11, 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced new Internet of Things (IoT) systems and networking solutions that enable customers to more efficiently collect, process and analyze IoT data. Today, delivering business outcomes …

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IoT is More than Adding Sensors to Gather Data

by November 23, 2015

Considering all the noise surrounding IoT, one wonders whether it’s all just hype or can organizations actually reap benefits from it. Where’s the RoI in implementing IoT based solutions? Unless …

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