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Top Ransomware to Hit India and Here’s How They Hurt

by June 4, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: India is one of the top five nations in the world that faces critical threat from ransomware. Last month noted Indian food and restaurant recommendation website

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This MS Office Vulnerability is Threatening Indian Govt. Networks

by May 26, 2016

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has spent the last few months observing a wave of cyberespionage attacks conducted by different groups across the …

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Hunting a Zero-Day: Kaspersky Lab Discovered a Dangerous Vulnerability in a Web Technology

by January 14, 2016

Kaspersky Lab has discovered a zero-day vulnerability in Silverlight, a web technology used to display multimedia content. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to gain full access to a compromised …

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Kaspersky Lab Presents Phound: A free Anti-Theft app for Android

by March 17, 2015

Kaspersky Lab presents a new free Android app, a tool which enables users to protect their valuable data stored in mobile devices. Phound! derived from the words Phone and Hound …

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