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Kaspersky Warns Hacking Group Lazarus over Recent ATM Attacks

by July 10, 2017

Kaspersky Lab has warned Lazarus, which was believed to be behind last year’s Bangladesh bank heist and is also responsible for the recent ATM attacks in different parts of the world. …

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Kaspersky Lab Unveiles Advanced Protection of Linux Servers

by May 30, 2017

Kaspersky Lab has recently unveiled a major update to its dedicated security product for data centers, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent. In addition to the virtualization platforms and operating …

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Chasing Lazarus: A Hunt for the Infamous Hackers to Prevent Large Bank Robberies

by April 6, 2017

Kaspersky Lab has published the results of its more-than-year-long investigation into the activity of Lazarus – a notorious hacking group allegedly responsible for the theft of 81 million dollars from …

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Cybercriminals Breach Enterprises in 40 Countries Using Hidden Malware

by February 13, 2017

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a series of “invisible” targeted attacks that use only legitimate software: widely available penetration-testing and administration tools as well as the PowerShell framework for task …

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Attack on Critical Infrastructure a Serious Cause of Concern: Kaspersky Lab

by January 27, 2017

Kaspersky Lab held a multi-city press conference focusing on Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions (KICS). The company brought together its senior team of experts to share their views at the gathering. In …

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Evolving Threat Landscape Reveals a Growing Need for Security Intelligence

by December 16, 2016

In 2016, the world’s biggest cyber threats were related to money, information and a desire to disrupt. They included the underground trade of tens of thousands of compromised server credentials, …

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Security Concerns Rise as India Aims Cashless Economy

by December 16, 2016

Post demonetization, we are making strides toward becoming a cashless society. This has led to digital wallet firms witnessing an unprecedented rise in their usage and popularity. Recently chipset maker Qualcomm …

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62 New Families of Ransomware Introduced this Year

by December 9, 2016

In 2016 ransomware attacks on business increased three-fold: which represents a change from an attack every 2 minutes in January to one every 40 seconds by October.  For individuals, the …

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SMBs Underestimate the Cyber Threats of Irresponsible Employee Actions

by December 6, 2016

SMBs (up to 50 employees) are significantly less concerned about employee activities leading to cybersecurity breaches than larger corporations. Only 36 percent of small businesses worry about their staff’s carelessness while …

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Asian and African Banks are Attacked Using a Zero-day Vulnerability

by November 24, 2016

Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has discovered attacks which appear to be using a exploit (a malicious program allowing additional malware to be silently installed) for the InPage text …

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Kaspersky Lab Survey Highlights Data Protection as the Top Priority for Businesses when Combatting Cyberthreats

by November 23, 2016

Loss or exposure of sensitive data is the worst outcome of a cybersecurity incident, according to the findings of Kaspersky Lab’s report, “Business Perception of IT Security: In the …

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The Black Friday Heist: Financial Phishing Increases During Holiday Season

by November 16, 2016

The number of financial phishing attacks is expected to rise during the Holiday season which starts unofficially on so-called Black Friday and continues through Cyber Monday and Christmas. Retrospective research …

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Here’s how StrongPity is Trapping Users in Search of Encryption

by October 13, 2016

A stealthy threat actor known as StrongPity has spent the summer luring users of encryption software to its watering holes and infected installers, according to a paper presented at Virus …

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Companies Prone to Multiple DDoS Attacks: Kaspersky Report

by September 19, 2016

The Corporate IT Security Risks 2016 study shows that for the majority of victims DDoS attacks are not a one-off occurrence, with many companies subjected to multiple attacks in the …

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Securing Smart Cities from Cyber Attacks

by September 17, 2016

Kaspersky Lab researchers examined a number of digital kiosks and interactive terminals used in smart cities for different purposes – from paying for different services through to entertainment – and discovered …

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Why Lurk Group that Stole Millions was Renting out its Most Powerful Tool?

by September 1, 2016

At the beginning of the summer, Kaspersky Lab assisted in the arrest of suspects that were part of the Lurk gang, which allegedly stole more than 45 …

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The Real Cost of the IT Security Talent Shortage

by August 17, 2016

Large businesses that struggle to attract sufficiently skilled IT security experts end up paying up to three times more to recover from a cybersecurity incident. This is one of the …

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Kaspersky Lab Announces Threat Intelligence Feed App for Splunk

by August 12, 2016

Customers can now integrate real-time Threat Data Feeds from Kaspersky Lab into their security operations by leveraging the Threat Intelligence App for Splunk.  Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Data Feeds were launched …

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Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool Available Free of Charge for Businesses

by August 11, 2016

Kaspersky Lab  launched Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business – a free software that offers complementary security to protect corporate users from ransomware. To identify ransomware behavior patterns and protect Windows-based …

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Here’s How ProjectSauron Covertly Extracts Encrypted Government Communications

by August 9, 2016

In September 2015, Kaspersky Lab’s Anti-Targeted Attack Platform flagged an unusual feature in the network of a client organization. The anomaly led researchers to ‘ProjectSauron’, a nation-state threat actor attacking …

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