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Noble Skiodo Announces 32” Curved LED TV‘32CRV32P01

by January 24, 2017

Noble Skiodo launched its first Curved 32” Curved TV ‘32CRV32P01’, that blends the exciting new look combined with the high quality which you expect only from Noble Skiodo TV, all at …

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55-inch Bluetooth Smart LED TV From Noble Skiodo Launched for Rs. 44,999

by October 6, 2016

Noble Skiodo, introduce Bluetooth in LED TV’s revolutionizes TV viewing experience in India with its high-end technology at budgeted prices & also exclusive Technological tie-up with Skiodo Inc. from Silicon Valley, brings in another …

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Noble Skiodo TV launches its UHD 4K Smart TV at 49K

by July 21, 2016

Noble Skiodo TV announces the launch of its latest, a new standard of high definition that raises the viewing bar higher than ever, its UHD (4K) Noble 42KT424KSMN01 LED TV …

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