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Consumers Spending More on Mobile Games, App Annie Reports

by March 14, 2017

With technological advances, mobile games have become increasingly sophisticated, taking advantage of improvements in display, processing, storage, interfaces, network bandwidth and operating system functionality. The connected world of the Internet gives …

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Pokémon GO One of the Most Memorable App of 2016

by January 18, 2017

Pokemon GO has been a huge success for Nintendo and Niantic so far, climbing to the top of the app stores. The game also quickly rose through the ranks of …

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Beware of Rogue Pokémon Go App that Takes Control of Android Phones

by September 17, 2016

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a new malicious app on the Google Play store: “Guide for Pokémon Go”, capable of seizing root access rights on Android smartphones and using that …

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Twitter Account of Pokémon Go Creator Hacked

by August 2, 2016

OurMine is back in the news again. The group which claims to test and protect mission-critical network and social media security has hacked into the Twitter account of Niantic CEO …

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Why Pokémon Go is a Threat to Your Personal Email Account

by July 13, 2016

Trend Micro recently reported a threat that may accompany with the Pokemon GO – a popular smartphone game. The company reported that for some users with iPhones, signing into the …

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