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Astrum Introduces Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank PB310 – 10000mAh

by January 15, 2019

Astrum announces its first Qi Wireless Power Bank PB310. The Wireless charging 10000Mah Power Bank is compatible with mobiles (that supports Qi-enabled devices) without plug when charging, making it convenient …

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Ambrane Introduces the Mammoth ‘30000 mAh’ PP 30 Lithium – Polymer Power Bank

by December 19, 2018

Ambrane India introduces its latest 30,000 mAh Power Bank – PP30 that has it all; attractive design, moderate size, and the ability to charge faster with its Quick charge support. The power …

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Ambrane India introduces its handy ‘Power on the Go’ with 10000mAh Power Bank

by November 28, 2018

Ambrane announced its newest 10,000mAh Lithium Polymer: PP 12 Power Bank. The pocket-sized power bank is perfect for all your power back up needs with safety charging guaranteed.

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Toreto Introduces BRIO 2, an All-New Power Bank with LED Display

by November 27, 2018

Toreto has launched an all-new Power Bank “BRIO 2”, a very new addition to Toreto’s existing family of Power Banks. BRIO 2 is a combination of power and style, slip …

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UBON Introduces its First Solar Power Bank

by November 21, 2018

UBON has unveiled its first solar power bank SL – 6067 for Rs 1,299. The power bank comes in white and black colour scheme and is …

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Wk Life Launches Its Brand New Range Of Stunning Products for Christmas

by November 13, 2018

Wk Life has unveiled a stunning range of new products – The Christmas Collection. WK Life often introduces some of the most glamorous gadgets in the market, while …

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Stuffcool launches Type-C PD 18 Watts Output 720PD 10000mAh Power Bank

by November 5, 2018

Stuffcool has launched the most versatile power bank with Type-C Output. The Power Bank offers two full-sized Quick Charge 3.0 Type-A USB ports, one Type-C port (with fast …

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Quantum Hi–Tech Introduces its ‘Slim Power Bank’ – QHM 4KP

by October 18, 2018

Quantum Hi-Tech launches the slimmest pocket-sized power bank with a capacity of 4000mAh – ‘QHM 4KP’. The Polymer Power Bank supports up to 500 times charge-discharge cycle complimenting the slim profile with functionality. The Power Bank is …

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Ambrane P-1144 10000mAH Power Bank Review

by September 6, 2018

Ambrane is a well-known name in the accessory industry, with a variety of product line up especially power banks. Recently it announces a 10000 mAh power bank with a Lithium-Ion …

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LAPCARE Introduces Reversible LI-POLYMER 10000mAh POWER BANK

by August 16, 2018

LAPCARE has announced the launch of a new power bank in its Pocket Power accessories range in India that offers fast charging support in 10000mAh capacity. Ideal …

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Quantum Hi-Tech Introduces 10000mAh Power Bank with 3 USB ports

by July 10, 2018

Quantum Hi-Tech(QHMPL) announced the launch of its portable and durable QHM‘10000mAh Power Bank’ equipped with 3 USB Ports, bringing elegance paired with functionality. The high capacity 10000mAh sports a sturdy …

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Quantum Hi-TECH 12500 Mah Power Bank Review

by July 10, 2018

Quantum doesn’t require any introduction, it’s a well-known name for computer and smartphone accessories. Recently they announced its new ‘Make in India’ power bank with a battery capacity of 12500mAh. Design …

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Belkin Introduces Its Most Compact And Fast-Charging Battery Pack To Date

by July 9, 2018

Belkin introduced a suite of its most compact and fast-charging portable power banks, enabling consumers to stay connected and charged all day. The all-new Pocket Power comes in 5,000mAh …

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Ambrane India Introduces P-1144 Power Bank on Amazon

by June 28, 2018

Ambrane India introduces its latest high capacity ‘P-1144 10000mAh Power Bank’ exclusively on Amazon.in. Designed with compact looks, the Power Bank offers customers long lasting battery support anytime, anywhere at MOP of Rs.799/-Customers …

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Belkin Showcases The Future of Wireless Charging

by June 1, 2018

Recently, Belkin introduced BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pads for Qi-enabled smartphones that give an easy and uncluttered charging experience to the consumers. Belkin is an American manufacturer of consumer electronics …

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Ambrane Introduces 10000mAh PP10 Plush Series Power Bank

by May 31, 2018

Ambrane India introduces its newest 10000mAh, PP10 Power Bank,  Good Looks blended with superior functionality enhancing every experience. Priced at MRP 2499/- the power bank’s high power capacity 10000mAh is great for charging multiple devices, especially considering its 2 USB …

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Quantum Hi-Tech Launches Uniquely Designed ‘15000mah’ Powerbank

by April 2, 2018

Widening its portfolio of powerbanks, Quantum Hi-Tech announces its newest 15000mAh  Power Bank with Super-capacity battery and stylish appeals that never lets your devices run out of power. From beauty to brains, …

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Quantum Introduces High Capacity Power Bank

by February 23, 2018

QHMPL announces another Power bank to its successful portfolio with ‘20000mAh’,  the ultra-high battery capacity, with compact looks, makes it an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of their …

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Quantum Hi – Tech Introduces Super slim 8000 mAh Power Bank

by December 26, 2017

QHMPL under the brand Quantum Hi-Tech introduces another Power Bank in its Slimmer range-, ‘8KP Polymer Power Bank’, which enhances your smartphone for all day extensive use and power-hungry applications. Power …

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Sound One 10000 mAh Power Bank Review

by October 23, 2017

The Made in India power bank from Sound One is compact in size and comes with Dual USB Port and offering superfast charging with 2.1A (Max) USB Output Ports. Having …

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