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Radiation Exposure Effects to our Health

by December 28, 2018

We all are using mobile, laptop and other devices in our daily lives. These devices are source of some kind of radiation. However, we majorly think that mobile towers are …

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EMF Radiation: Are You In Danger?

by November 29, 2017

The electric tower, outside your home should concern you and which is all well and good. Be that as it may, did you ever stop to fuss about the radiation …

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10 Ways to Reduce your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

by October 9, 2017

Author: Mr. Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz  The age of the smartphone and 24*7 hyper-connectivity is truly upon us. Our smartphones have become a reflection of who we are – our choices, our …

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Brightsandz Technologies Launches Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield

by September 19, 2017

Brightsandz Technologies,  EMF radiation shielding products and solutions provider have launched Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield. The product is designed in a way that eliminates all harmful Wi-Fi and EMF radiation along with 100% …

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