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Could OnePlus 6T be your next Smartphone Upgrade?

by November 21, 2018

OnePlus has put forth another smartphone in the market with an incremental enhancement to OnePlus 6; the smartphone giant recently introduced OnePlus 6T. The price …

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10 Smartphones To Drool At In 2017

by November 13, 2017

Go mobile techlicious this season. So, if you haven’t decided your Diwali present as yet, then check-out the 10 most popular smartphones of 2017. Let’s take it from the top. If …

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Samsung Launches Galaxy S8 Active with Bigger Battery and Shatterproof Screen

by August 9, 2017

After all the rumors circulating about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, the device has finally been launched. The big highlight of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active would be its …

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Seven Samsung Galaxy S8 Features You Should Know About

by May 2, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best looking phone in the market right now. This beautiful combination of glass, metal and a massive infinity screen ticks all the right boxes …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 users complain of random restarting issue

by May 1, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ has gone on sale in many parts of the world, and it looks like there’s a new issue plaguing customers after ‘Red Tint’ on the …

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Relish Desktop Environment on Samsung Galaxy S8 with Samsung DeX Empowered by Citrix

by March 31, 2017

As enterprises increasingly embrace mobile business strategies, people continue to carry as many as three devices with them, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. To lighten that electronics load, make people …

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Samsung Introduces Galaxy S8, S8 Plus with Bixby, Infinity Display and More

by March 29, 2017

After numerous leaks and rumours, Samsung S8 and S8 Plus are finally out from the shadow of uncertainty. With these two smartphones, Samsung has also introduced a whole bunch …

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New Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus Price, Launch Date and More

by January 18, 2017

After Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung is betting heavily on its next smartphone Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. While we don’t have any confirmed details about Samsung’s next phones, …

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