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‘Critical Analysis is Required  Before You Deploy a Data Center, To Make It Future Ready’

by August 26, 2016

We spoke to Nikhil Rathi, CEO and Nishant Rathi, President, Web Werks to understand new data center technologies and key aspects to be considered before establishing a new data center The …

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Impact of SDDC on the IT Team

by March 24, 2015

SDDC shall lead to an increased need for specialized admins, hardware and software pros by enterprises or IT departments which offer SDDC services to other enterprises With …

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The Essentials for a Reliable SDDC

by March 14, 2015

While a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution helps organisations build a scalable, multi-tenant networking infrastructure that delivers readily consumable compute, storage and networking instantaneously, it also requires specialized admins, hardware …

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VMware’s EVO:RAIL: Simplifying SDDC Management

by March 5, 2015

VMware announced the availability of VMware EVO:RAIL for the Indian market through its qualified EVO:RAIL Partners. VMware EVO:RAIL is a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that helps IT organizations streamline the deployment …

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TCS and VMware to Jointly Develop Enterprise Applications for the Software-Defined Data Center

by November 4, 2014

Tata Consultancy Services and VMware Inc. will jointly create pre-integrated and pre-tested solutions to accelerate the adoption and deployment of enterprise scale applications as well as end user computing solutions …

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