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AMD Previews ‘Naples’ Server Processor With Zen x86 Processing Engine and Upto 32 Cores

by March 8, 2017

AMD took a significant step into the server and datacenter market with its most detailed look yet at the upcoming high-performance CPU for servers, codenamed “Naples”. Purpose-built to scale across …

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How SMEs Can Make the Most of Their Data Center Budgets

by January 23, 2017

  (Attributed to Raritan International) IT managers of SMEs must deliver uninterrupted service 24/7. Undersized budgets, barebones staff, increasingly complex infrastructures and limited workspaces are all part of the equation they’re expected …

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Who Else is Using your Servers?

by June 16, 2016

Kaspersky Lab researchers have investigated a global forum where cybercriminals can buy and sell access to compromised servers for as little as $6 each. The xDedic marketplace, which appears to …

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IBM Launches z13 Mainframe Servers to boost Mobile transactions

by February 10, 2015

First mainframe system with embedded analytics providing real time transaction insights 17X faster than compared competitive systems at a fraction of the cost   As mobile adoption grows, consumers …

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Servers for Rs 1.5 lakh and less

by July 1, 2004

We tested 11 servers for their performance, features and pricing to determine the right file and web server. Here’s a buying guide to help you choose one for your needs followed by the reviews.

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