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BSE Becomes ECH Agile

by June 25, 2018

Business Requirement At BSE, use of Big data has been the focal point in our Technology stack to harness its benefits within the organization. Data is growing exponentially every year in …

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9 Visualisation Tools to Make Your Content More Attractive

by March 30, 2017

Data visualisation is entering a new era of intelligence and contextual understanding. Big brands are deploying different kinds of visualisation packages to keep the consumers engaged. We know that visual …

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Why Data Journalism Matters in the Age of Fake News?

by March 30, 2017

Data journalism can help a journalist tell a complex story through engaging infographics. All the data required for creating such news is readily available on the internet or public archives. India …

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10 Tips to Create Effective Memes for Social Media Marketing

by March 22, 2017

Digital marketing is more interactive and personal now, thanks to the social media. Varieties of content types are deployed by brands across the internet for bringing the audience into the …

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Chatbots Promising Exponential Growth for Futuristic Enterprises of Today

by March 9, 2017

By Rashmi Mishra, VP- Product, ACL Mobile Limited Chatbots can today be seen everywhere, be it websites …

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Learn SMAC to Earn Smart

by March 7, 2017

When a synergy develops by the amalgamation of various technologies it always benefits the businesses, but when it synchronizes with their needs, …

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Chat-to-buy Feature Might Revolutionize the Social Commerce Experience in India

by December 13, 2016

Chat-to-buy feature is set to alter the paradigm of social commerce in India by combining 3 million Indian fashion lovers and …

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Avoid Fake News by Installing B.S. Detector Plugin

by December 7, 2016

In my previous article on social media and propaganda, I had discussed in detail how social media platform Facebook was criticized by users for promoting fake news …

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Social Media and Disinformation in the Digital Age

by November 29, 2016

The rise of social media in the digital age has altered the way we source our information. However, filtering the right information from the wrong one is not always easy. …

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The Era of Mass Manipulation: Governing Thought in the Age of Social Media

by November 21, 2016

Popular social media platform Facebook has been criticized by users for promoting fake news content on its website. It became mired in controversy after some users complained that fake news …

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Nearly 78% say they want to leave social media, Says Kaspersky Labs

by November 18, 2016

Research conducted by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab shows that the vast majority of people want to leave social networks, often because they are a waste of time. According to the survey, …

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US Election 2016: How Social Media Influenced the Electorates in Favour of Trump

by November 10, 2016

Donald Trump has trumped Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election and is set to be the 45th president of the United States of America. The presidential election of 2016 has been one …

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Nine Free Tools to Manage Social Media for Your Business

by March 15, 2016

1.Hootsuite It  is the most popular social media management tool for people and businesses to execute campaigns across multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter from one web-based dashboard. Hootsuite has …

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See the best Tweets first with Twitter new Home timeline feature

by February 11, 2016

Popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter announces a new timeline feature that helps you catch up on the most important Tweets from the people you follow. There’s so much happening on Twitter …

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Twitter’s live broadcasting tool, Periscope integrates with GoPro

by January 28, 2016

Popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter’s live broadcasting tool, Periscope has integrated with GoPro to enhance the live broadcasting experience. The integration aims to enhance the creativity, passion and drive of the …

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Why Enterprise Social Networks Boost Employee Productivity

by January 19, 2016

Saif Ahmad, Founding CEO, Hallwaze Inc Collaboration, coordination and connectivity are among the most important parameters of success in enterprise operations. The system of work and operations within business enterprises evolved …

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5 Tools That Let You Post on Social Media Automatically

by January 14, 2016

Social media can be so frustrating because you don’t have enough time to complete all the tasks. It can also be quite repetitive. So why don’t you automate the repetitive …

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Social Media Platforms: The New Go-To Place for Recruiters

by December 8, 2015

– Cheran Chandrasekaran, CEO, Infoview Regardless of the growth stage that an enterprise is in, the fact that employees are the cornerstones on which the past, present and future of any …

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10 Free Plugins to Integrate Social Media With WordPress

by December 4, 2015

With the popularity of social media, it is not a good idea to become too dependent on the search engines for traffic. One update in the search engine algorithm may …

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hike launches special Diwali gift for users; introduces Coupons on hike with offers from over 100 brands

by November 6, 2015

Hike Messenger, the biggest local messaging app in India today announced a special Diwali gift for it’s 70 million users. It comes a welcome news to those users also who …

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