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eScan detects a new wave of Ransomware affecting India

by July 26, 2018

Last year WannaCry created havoc across the globe and due to its lateral movement; it had penetrated into the networks and skipped across the countries and continents. Furthermore, …

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Ransomware ‘Gold Rush’ looks finished, but Threat Remains

by May 3, 2018

Ransomware attacks grew in volume by over 400 percent in 2017 compared with the previous year. F-Secure attributes this growth to the WannaCry crypto worm in a …

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ServiceNow Security Predictions for 2018

by December 27, 2017

The security threats and breaches of 2017 have set astonishing new records for personal data attack.  From WannaCry to Petya, the list of sophisticated and far-reaching breaches has been growing …

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WannaCry saviour arrested in the US, Know why

by August 4, 2017

Marcus Hutchins, a young British researcher credited with derailing a global cyberattack in May, was arrested for allegedly creating and distributing malicious software designed to collect bank-account passwords, U.S. authorities said. News …

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WannaCry can be unlocked without ransom: French researchers

by May 26, 2017

Looks like, we may have finally got a way-around WannaCry without shelling out any bitcoins. A group of French researchers have claimed to have found a ‘last-chance way’ for technicians …

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Wannacry : Bitdefender won’t make you cry

by May 25, 2017

On May 12th, the WannaCryptor (WannaCry) ransomware family infected thousands of computers across the world. In just 24 hours, the number of infections has spiked to 185,000 machines in more …

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6 Best Practices to Keep the Worms Out

by May 18, 2017

By Sanjai Gangadharan, Regional Director SAARC, A10 Networks WannaCry ransomware worm has created havoc across the globe hitting about 150 countries and over 57,000 computers. This is primarily because …

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