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Acer Leap Ware Smartwatch: A Modern, Circular Design Encloses A Feature-Packed Wearable

by April 28, 2017

Acer announces its Leap Ware smart fitness watch at its next@acer global press conference in New York. This sleek smartwatch expands the company’s range of smart devices that integrates seamlessly …

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The World’s 1st Smart Fitness T-shirt: SYGNAL

by February 9, 2017

Broadcast Wearables, brings together technology and textiles to create innovative solutions for everyday problems and introduces the World’s 1st Smart Fitness T-shirt with Navigation in India. The SYGNAL T-shirt can …

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Apple Watch showcased in retail stores

by April 10, 2015

Apple has already generated much hype for its first of its kind product in the last five years-the Apple Watch. And now when the consumers will be able to …

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AliveCor ECG Monitor

by March 17, 2015

AliveCor monitors your heart by observing single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythms. It also displays ECG rhythms (on your mobile screen) and detects atrial fibrillation which is the most common form of …

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