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Yahoo Open-Sources Athenz for Fine Grained, Role Based Access Control

by May 19, 2017

Yahoo has recently announced Athenz, an open-source platform for fine-grained access control, to the community. Athenz is a role-based access control (RBAC) solution, providing trusted relationships between applications and services …

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Flickr Introduces Similarity Search: A Brand New Way to Search and Discover Photos

by March 9, 2017

Yahoo today announced a new feature on Flickr – ‘Similarity Search’ to make finding photos easier. With billions of photos on Flickr, finding the ones users want by searching based …

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Yahoo open-sources TensorFlowOnSpark, new distributed deep learning framework

by February 15, 2017

Yahoo has announced TensorFlowOnSpark, its latest open source framework for distributed deep learning on big data clusters. Deep learning (DL) has evolved significantly in recent years. At Yahoo, we’ve found that …

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Yahoo Open Sources Screwdriver to Enable Continuous Delivery

by January 23, 2017

Yahoo has announced the open sourcing of Screwdriver.cd, a new streamlined build system designed to enable continuous delivery (CD) to production at scale for dynamic infrastructure, improving product …

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The End of the Road for Yahoo: To be Called Altaba if Verizon Takes Over

by January 10, 2017

Yahoo will change its name to Altaba, if the firm is bought by Verizon. Mayer, along with co-founder David Filo and four other members of the board will step down after …

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Yahoo Hack: One Billion Accounts Compromised!

by December 16, 2016

Yahoo announced last Wednesday that the latest hacking attack on the troubled Internet services pioneer has affected more than 1 billion user accounts which is double the number affected by …

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Yahoo Reports Breach of One Billion Accounts: Know How to Protect Yourself

by December 15, 2016

Yahoo announces data breach of 500 million user accounts in September, the company has reported that they have suffered another breach of one billion accounts. As Yahoo previously disclosed in November, …

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Yahoo Suffers World’s Biggest Hack, 1 Billion Users Affected

by December 15, 2016

More than one billion user accounts may have been affected by a hacking attack dating back to 2013, Yahoo has said. This hack is different from 2014 breach in which 500 …

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Five Biggest Data Breaches in History

by December 5, 2016

According to the data collected by Breach Level Index (BLI) database, there were 974 data breaches worldwide in the first half of 2016, up 15 percent from the 844 breaches …

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Yahoo Introduces New and Improved Messenger App on Desktop for Mac and Windows

by July 29, 2016

Yahoo introduces the upgraded messenger app for Windows and Mac after the successful launch in December last year. The new platform provides a fast and easy way to send not …

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Yahoo Brings Finance, News, Weather and Monkeys to Facebook Messenger

by July 11, 2016

Yahoo has introduced four new algorithmically-driven bots to Facebook Messenger to help users get news, stock market trends, weather forecasts. The fourth bot is a pet monkey, in …

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Yahoo Announces Updates to Mobile Developer Suite to Empower Developers to Grow their Business

by February 19, 2016

Yahoo today announced updates to the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite that developers will use to analyze their data, in an effort to grow their apps and build their businesses. The …

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Yahoo introduces the ability to manage Gmail right from Yahoo Mail

by December 14, 2015

Yahoo! Inc. introduced the ability to connect Gmail and Google Apps account to Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail app, introduced in October, has seen quite an uptake with users calling it “slick,” …

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Yahoo introduced Flickr for iOS 9 with extended 3D touch and spotlight search features

by November 6, 2015

Yahoo today announced a Flickr update for iOS 9 devices which has some cool new features to help you get the most out of the latest Apple software and devices. On …

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New Yahoo! Mail App for Windows 10 launched

by September 24, 2015

Yahoo! has launched a new Mail app for Windows 10 which is now available worldwide. This new app brings you brand-new ways to effortlessly access mail and get notified of new messages. …

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10 SEO tools to enhance website performance

by July 2, 2015

Simple and free SEO Tools with a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs to Optimize website Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool: It allows …

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Yahoo’s first ever Mobile Developer Meet held in India

by June 29, 2015

At Yahoo’s first-ever Mobile Developer Meetups in India, held in Gurgaon and Bangalore this week, over 350 app developers gathered to know more about the state of the app nation …

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Yahoo to host Mobile Developer Meet for the first time in India

by June 12, 2015

Fresh off the launch in San Francisco, Yahoo is bringing its Mobile Developer Meetup for the first time to India. The event will be held in New Delhi on June …

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Yahoo News Digest and Aviate Launcher

by March 24, 2015

Yahoo Aviate Launcher Google Play store has countless home replacement launchers that promise to make your smartphone experience simpler and interactive with a new look and interface. However many of these …

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