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Here is a step-by-step guide to set up the Beeweeb server on a machine that you want to share over the Internet. An alternative to the traditional VPN, it consists of two components, a file server for a workgroup and client. You can easily install and configure the server component on any Window platform (2000/XP). All you need is an Internet connection (DSL or dial-up). 

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Applies to: System administrators
USP: Access your computer over the Internet from anywhere

First install BeeWeeb on the file server, and then on all clients that will need to access it.

After installing Beeweeb server, start it from Start>Program Files >Beeweeb Server>Management Console. Here click on the Server Properties link and go to the General Tab

Here, tick the two check boxes for enabling change of owner and guest passwords. Click OK to save the settings and click 'Configure System Users Options' on the Management Console
Set 'Existing Local Group' as 'Administrators' and 'Existing local users' as any local account on the server. Also set the local user password Click 'Add virtual user' from first step to run a wizard, give the username you configured in the previous step and configure shares
Click 'Configure Virtual Users' from first screen. Select Existing Local Group and Existing Local User in that group you want to give access to  Choose 'Configure Default Logging Option' from first step and choose the server events you want Beeweeb to log for analyzing later 
Now, its time to Configure client on the remote machine, which will map a drive against the shares created on Beeweeb server. Install Beeweeb mapper on the client's machine and run it On the Beeweeb client window you will see an extender button (1). This basically extends the window and shows the properties of the connected client
Go to Actions>Settings. In the Settings window, select the Drives tab and set 'Beeweeb Drive' to the drive letter you want to assign and click OK. This will be used to access the share over Beeweeb Finally, you are ready to access the Beeweeb server from your remote machine over the Internet. Fill the username with the IP Address as shown and click on Go

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