How to Talk with Other Players in Among Us on Mobile or PC using Discord

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Sushant Rohan Singh
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Among Us and discord have spawned an entirely new style of gaming that has not been seen before. Ever since the days of Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft Discord has been a staple on every computer and laptop. Discord is a VOIP and instant messaging program that is available on all platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Now, with Among Us becoming so popular on all platforms it was bound to happen that Discord will also become popular again. One of the biggest reasons why players use Discord while playing Among Us is to communicate via Voice instead of using a keyboard.


Almost all the streamers who are playing the game on Twitch or Youtube are using discord to communicate with other crew members. Also, the voice aspect in Among Us makes the game even more thrilling and full of drama as crew members try to sus out the imposter. So if you are someone who wants to play the game with friends and use discord for voice, here is how you can use it.

Among us Android Discord:

Ever since PUBG mobile has been banned in India, the discord was starting to lose its usefulness in India among the gaming community. But Among Us has brought the app back on the charts. So to use Discord and Among Us together on Android here is what you need to do:

  1. Install the game and Discord from Google Playstore.
  2. Make an account on Discord or login if you already have an account.
  3. Once the account is made then proceed to make a server on Discord. Discord Servers are just private channels that only the maker can control.
  4. Once you are done setting up your Discord server then just share it with your friends. 
  5. Once all the team members are on Discord together, you can now proceed to play the game on Android.

Among us Apple iOS Discord:

The same steps will be replicated for iOS if you or your friends are on the Apple platform. Instead of Google Play Store, you will need to use the iOS app store. All the rest of the steps will remain the same.

 Among us For PC with Discord:

  • For users who are using a computer or laptop to play Among Us, they'll need to install Discord from the official website.
  • Players can get the game from either Steam or Innersloth official website or use the link here to get it for free.
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