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Tally. ERP 9 Series A, is currently available in two editions: Silver (for single user) & Gold (for unlimited users on a LAN). With Series B, Diamond & Platinum editions will also be available. All the capabilities and features remain the same. The choice to be made between the two editions depends on the number of systems from which Tally.ERP 9 can be accessed. Also available is Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors’ Edition which is exclusively available for practicing chartered accountants, coming with all advantages of the Gold edition plus many additional features. It works in conjunction with Tally.ERP 9 installed at client offices and enables the CA to do secure remote access to client’s data enabling him to audit from anywhere. India’s new Rupee symbol has necessitated its usage across all documents. ERP 9 Series A Release 3.0 has introduced the usage of the new rupee symbol and enables its integration with all documents concerned with a business. Tally also provides another interesting feature that facilitates ‘inter-currency’ conversion. Users can select a base currency (say INR ) and convert the consolidated reports of all international branches of the business into the same. The user also has to feed in the current currency values into the system to enable this function.

New banking features

The old system enabled only the capturing of dates of transactions, but the new banking feature allows the user to record and monitor multiple transactions in a single voucher. A single bank amount can also be allocated to multiple transaction types such as cheque/DD, cash, electronic cheque, electronic DD/PO, inter-bank transfer, and same bank transfer, based on the requirement. The monitoring of transactions by amount, date, instrument number or modes (like NEFT, Cheque, DD, etc.) is now possible, thereby projecting a more complete picture.

Income tax calculation for payroll

With the Income Tax feature, calculating tax and submitting returns are made easy for both the organisation and employees. This feature makes it possible to generate the income-tax computation sheet and IT returns and mail it to employees. In addition, it will provide quarterly and yearly returns. It is simple to configure and the predefined rules set by Income Tax Dept. will be updated as and when rules are changed. It provides forms 16, 16AA, 12BA plus quarterly 24Q and yearly 24 in hard copy plus ‘e’ formats

The Job Work feature supports operations for the business that outsources a ‘job’ as well as businesses such as ancillary units that accept such orders. The functionality helps solve issues related to inventory tracking and profit assessment, for seamless operations. The Job Work module can create easier manufacturing workflows and simplify inventory management and makes order tracking, tracking of stages of Work-in-Progress or assessing the status of finished goods, easy. So jobs like stock evaluation, generating a profit analysis or finished goods or raising a bill of materials etc are made easy by Job Work feature in Tally. Item Cost and Profit tracking feature enables effective tracking of procurement costs, landing costs, manufacturing or production costs, order cost/profit, job cost/profit. It also enables determining the sale price of finished goods based on costs incurred till date and the overall profitability. With this feature analysis of the running cost and profitability of the item being tracked through manufacturing, sales, purchase, etc becomes possible. Tally ERP 9 is compatible with languages that follow the right to left script. Tally.ERP 9 will switch over to the right to left script retaining all existing functionalities and reports. This unique feature will now enable businesses in the middle-east to interact more freely with the rest of the world, view and print reports from Arabic to English and vice versa.

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