Is the Tank in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Worth It? Find Out Here

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When Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Radioactive came out we were very excited. As someone who was and still is a fan of the Call of Duty franchise I was excited when I heard about the new tank that was coming in the battle royale mode of the game. Now that I have tried out the tank in solo, duo, and squad mode I have to say it got boring. It’s not that the tank is a bad addition but it is so slow. On the one hand, you have a helicopter that can fly and cover larger distances in a short amount of time. On the other hand, you have a tank that is slow and has weapons. 

Call of duty mobileSushant Singh | Pcquest

When it comes to raking the max amount of kills it’s the helicopter that takes the cake in Call of Duty Mobile. You can jump around from the helicopter and glide to the enemy’s position and take the kills. There is also the added benefit of the height in the game. The higher you have perched the more advantage you have in getting a better view of the enemies.   

The tank in the Call of Duty Mobile BR also has its own advantage. It can shoot rockets and has a turret gun mounted on it as well. The disadvantage of the tank is the movement speed. The tank is slow and heavy. The aiming takes time and if you’re playing in a squad then you better hope that the enemy squad doesn’t have a lot of experience in the game. 

Call of duty mobileSushant Singh | Pcquest

Did you know that the tank in Call of Duty Mobile can’t protect you against the nova gas?   

Yes, if the enemy squad throws two nova gas canisters on your tank then you will take the damage inside the tank. 

So how do we tackle the tank question?

Personally, this is how you handle it. If you are close to the tank then destroy it rather than using it. It takes 3 shots from the SMRS rocket launcher or the FHJ-18 to destroy the tank. Once you have taken the tank out then just glide around the map in the helicopter and rake those kills in. 

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