Tapping on The Video Pain Points for Both Users and Publishers

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From smartphones to smart TVs, every device is becoming smart, even the content delivery systems are growing rapidly and adopting new age technology. Only one place where we are not seeing enough momentum is “Video”. We all are watching videos from various channels, but – could we get something better!

Dilip Venkatraman- ‎Founder & CEO, VideoTap

Dilip Venkatraman- ‎Founder & CEO, VideoTap

VideoTap saw an opportunity there and build a smart video platform that touches almost every pain points of both publisher and user. In an interaction with PCQuest, Dilip Venkatraman- ‎Founder & CEO, VideoTap & Savvy Dilip- ‎COO & Co-Founder, VideoTap shared their thoughts about the pain points and benefits of a smart video platform.

How is VideoTap offering such smart content delivery to users?

VideoTap, a ‘Made in India’ Smart Video platform is operating on a proprietary cloud based Smart Video Curation Software the ‘Design Room’. The Goal is to give back viewers control over their viewing experience. By using VideoTap cloud based Design Room curation software, publishers and enterprises can recreate the normal linear videos into interactive Smart videos. This will enable viewers to control the narrative and go direct to scene on any video with one single Tap on the video.

With one tap, users can get their voice heard by taking polls, test their knowledge with on-screen questions and get more information. Our ultimate goal is to convert the passive experience of watching videos into an interactive, personalized and dynamic engagement.

How are you leveraging cloud technology for videos?

Using the design room, any video, either a TV soap or even an advertisement, can be modified using this cloud based software. This will allow viewers to watch specific portions of a video instead of the entire video.

Savvy Dilip- ‎COO & Co-Founder, VideoTap

Savvy Dilip- ‎COO & Co-Founder, VideoTap

Similarly, in case of a 30-second advertisement, a company will be able to use the tool to not only allow selective viewing, but each part of the ad can be further utilized to show details or benefits of the product or the part of a product. Gradually, publishers/advertisers/enterprises will have the edge to unleash the potential of their existing linear video libraries to deliver an interactive smart video experience for their target audiences who are looking for hyper personalization& customization.

What differentiates your platform than other players?

VideoTap is an original concept built to take existing linear video content into the truly personalized internet era. With its unique capabilities, VideoTap is fundamentally different from existing video players/offerings across the world.

Our goal is to give back viewers control over their viewing experience. Today, user across Video platforms are passive viewers with limited control over their video experience. At best they can play pause or guess around by using the seek bar.

We have built a participative video watching paradigm where with one click anyone see can directly and seamlessly be taken to the content of their choice. That means that if you and I are watching the same video, what we watch, and the order in which we watch it can be completely different.

Not only that, VideoTap’s Smart Videos contain multiple levels of interactivity designed to give viewers a holistic experience. They can test their knowledge by answering questions, get their voice heard by taking polls, submit information all on the video itself!

What exactly you meant for “Interactive”?

Videos have been a passive medium since their invention. The job of the viewers has been to sit and watch with limited control. VideoTap has fundamentally shifted this paradigm and given power to the viewers. With our technology, viewers can interact with the video itself to control their own experience. They can go choose the video narrative by directly going to their preferred scenes and get real time dynamically generated compilations.

Essentially, if you and I click on the same video, our experiences within the video will still be personalized. We will both consume different portions of the content as per our own individual interests.

Let me give you an example. Last week I was looking up some e-learning videos on Trigonometry. Each video I found was at least 30 minutes in length. Finding the specific relevant area was quite a struggle and involved lots of guesswork using the seek bar. If I were to use Design Room to curate it, the entire end user experience is transformed. Each viewer can jump directly to the content of their choice and watch all the video segments within in an order of their choice.

Just Imagine how repeated viewing improves for any movie.

Just want to watch the action scenes in your favorite Superhero Flick? Done.

Want to check out the best dialogs of your favorite actors? Done.

Why use VideoTap?

Our USP to the viewers is simple. Control over your viewing experience. Get directly to the content you enjoy. No Streaming Service can deliver to this promise today.

Our USP to our publishing partners is even simpler. Today, there is only one way for the viewers to watch your content. It is a 30-minute program or an hour and a half movie meant to be watched from end to end. With the falling attention spans, this leads to the vast majority of viewers dropping off within the first few minutes. Our Technology allows you to convert passive viewers into active consumers.


How are you planning to expand your business?

VideoTap is currently pilot testing the product with the publishers and customers and soon will be launching the consumer version. The company will have a three-pronged business model. First will be advertising-led, wherein publishers (TV Networks/content producers) content will be powered on both their website/mobile platforms as well as VideoTap’s platform. Second VideoTap will license its technology to Enterprises / Advertisers in different plans. Last but not the least, VideoTap will also license its technology in India as well as outside of India.

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