Tata Power—DDL: Powering Delhi ‘Tech’Fully

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Business Requirement

Tata Power-DDL used to store a large volume of consumer data on EMC’s LTO tape drives and then ship the tapes (up to 15 daily) to an offsite location via a courier agency. It was time-consuming and costly to transport tapes from one location to another and involved risk of data breach. To meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk, Tata Power-DDL needed to adopt a DR solution on the cloud that shortened its database backup and restoration time and reduced OpEx.

Ensure consumer data security and meet regulatory electrical requirements by enabling end-to-end data protection via the cloud rather than using tapes. There was also the need to quickly access and
restore the database from a backup database at any time and from anywhere.

Solution Deployment

After conducting a proof of concept and analysis of backup requirements, such as database size, internet speed, and restoration time, Tata Power-DDL completed the configuration for Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service in less than 4 days and went live with the new platform in just 15 days.

Solution Benefits

• Minimized disruption to Tata Power-DDL’s operations by using a high performance and highly available Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to backup critical revenue collection and maintenance data up to 3x faster—just 11 hours instead of 32 hours—and restore the database up to 8x faster—in 5.5 hours compared to 40 hours

Cut OpEx—including 3,000 tapes, courier service, 2 data centre operators, and 1 backup administrator—by roughly $10,000 by using pay-as-you-go model with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service rather than purchasing and transporting physical tapes, maintaining equipment, and deploying resources to perform a manual backup

• Ensured continuous access to critical business information, such as revenue collection and maintenance schedules for electrification projects, and met compliance requirements by enabling 24/7 access to backups anywhere via the internet rather than waiting for two days to transport the tapes from offsite and restore the data onsite

• Reduced business risk and enhanced data security by eliminating possible loss of backup tapes in transit and minimizing opportunities for data breaches

• Enabled IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as analyzing and improving the backup window, rather than spending the time to make multiple copies of backups


• Supported future expansion to other critical applications by gaining virtually unlimited capacity and no upfront capital expenditure with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service

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