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Logistics is reshaping the e-commerce market of the country. The trends of the market are changing which may help web based businesses grow more reasonable in future.

In todays time all the e-commerce players are manufacturing logistics, payments, and wallet capacity internally.

There were problems with the e-commerce organizations earlier like deliveries with loaded stuff, sometimes lost/wrong and postponed shipments too.

With time, the technology has moved to another level and the demands of the market have also been increased. When demand for the products and services increase, the requirement and expectation of perfect delivery also increases. And this is the biggest challenge for the industry right now.

There is mobility which can help LSPs to overcome challenges:

  1. Mobile warehouse management solutions

The primary aim must be to know your warehouse inside out. With a mobile warehouse management app connected to all your assets, you can get complete visibility and transparency in your warehouse, as it gives you the overview of the entire warehouse on a single screen.

Also, it helps you identify and ship packages in an efficient and streamlined manner, promising the optimized resource utilization.

  1. Doorstep delivery mobile solutions

Speed is one the most important factors in doorstep pick-up and delivery process. A customized door step delivery mobile app for your business lets you speed up your pickup and delivery services.

Using a mobile app, your employees can scan the product, create a label, enter delivery details and create an invoice; all at the customer doorstep. So, the shipment can be directly transferred to the export facility, resulting in the reduced time to deliver, well-optimized warehouse space and enhanced customer service.


  1. Mobile asset tracking solutions

Delivering products to your customers on time is the key to success in your business.

You can keep track of your shipments with extra high precision using an asset tracking mobile app with the help of geo-positioning and identification technology.

Knowing the exact status of each and every shipment will help you keep deliveries on schedule, streamline the work process, optimize resource utilization, reduce costs and adhere to service level agreements.

  1. Mobile fleet management solutions

A fleet management mobile app can give you the details of all your drivers, vehicles, and assets inside the vehicles.

It helps you with the delivery schedules of all the vehicles and also facilitates route planning, log times of drivers and deviations.

These things will improve driver’s efficiency and you can track driver performance to identify and retain the good ones.

Other benefits include better fleet management and fuel and fleet costs management.

  1. Customer servicing solutions

Meeting the needs of customers will increase customer satisfaction, which will ultimately boost their loyalty towards you.

A tailor-made customer service mobile app for your business will enable your customers to do the mobile bookings for door delivery, track the movement of your shipment and report a complaint. You can also get customer feedback through your mobile app which you can use to address complaints and serve your customers better than ever.

Some known players in Logistics Service Providers’ market are:

  1. Xicom:

Xicoms’ logistics and transportation solutions helps organizations realize value from their technology investments and manage the escalating challenges of volatile markets.

How Xicom Delivers Business Value:

Xicom boasts of a decade long experience in developing software solutions that streamline the functioning of the logistics business.

They can create a fleet of technological tools that compliment business requisites and assist in managing business operations such as scheduling, capturing analytics, error management, and integration, capacity planning and streamlining workflow.

Their solutions foster the growth of the clients’ business model.

Third Party Logistics Service Providers:

Xicom develops customized inventory management solutions that enable the user to map an accurate outline of their business workflow.

Integration of offline/online solutions will enable the user to manage their business workflow, manage the costs effectively and forecast sales channel, to serve their consumers better.

Fleet Management:

Manage the business operations with efficacy by building a technological tool that syncs with the business goals.

  1. IndiaNic

Seeing the clients passionate about their idea makes IndiaNic excited. They have a track of looking for new ways always to provide solutions and create a better product.

Their services involve:

Mobile Apps Development, web development, mobile game development, apps for wearable devices etc.

  1. Kale logistics

Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT solution provider focused on the Logistics and Airports industry.

Its broad solution spectrum ranges from ‘Internal Business Automation Systems’ to ‘Community Solutions’ that help various players in the logistics value chain from shipper to consignee to communicate and transact with each other electronically.

How can Kale help?

Kale is a technology solutions provider to the logistics industry, committed to helping its clients increase operational efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.

Kale’s Suite of Logistics Solutions include: Freight forwarding, Shipping Line Agency Operations Management, Survey agency, Equipment handling, Warehouse operations, and Transportation operations.

Key Features:

Kale’s CORVITM builds on the framework of Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Visibility and is able to address the challenges and key drivers for the freight forwarding industry.

a.) Collaboration:

  • End-to-end process integration
  • Automation with one point of data entry
  • Interface with financial accounting systems
  • Interface with regulatory bodies like Customs
  • Integration with third party ERP applications
  • Auto e-mail, Auto SMS, Autofax for all stakeholders
  • Ability to attach pictures, images, Word / Excel files


b.) Business Intelligence:

  • MIS and operational reports
  • Proactive system alerts

c.) Visibility:

  • Real-time track and trace of shipments
  • Revenue visibility right at the time of booking
  1. Peerbits:

Peerbits skill set involves Mobile app development, Enterprise mobility etc.

The advancement and reshaping of E-Commerce Ecosystem in India is the result of change in the trends, strategies and approaches.

For example, has Aramex and BlueDart as their official logistics support which provides seamless products delivery to their customers. These kinds of delivery patterns are being adopted by other companies as well so that the challenge of satisfying client can be solved.

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