Tech Explained

Publishing Secure Websites

July 4, 2002

Set up a reverse proxy using ISA server to secure your website

Data @ Speed of Light

June 7, 2002

Holographic data storage will store up to 1 TB of data on a DVD-sized disk

The Buzz with Buses

June 7, 2002

Two technologies that make transferring data a breeze

Windows Services for Unix 3.0

May 11, 2002

Deploy file, password, Unix shell environments, telnet and such Unix services on Windows 

Wanna Bet on It?

May 11, 2002

India’s first electronic lottery works on a vast network that starts from the machine and ends at their server. A look at how the system works

One Windows, Many Users

May 11, 2002

Terminal Services allows multiple users to be logged in simultaneously 

Power Planning

May 11, 2002

Know the power situation in your area before deciding which UPS to buy

Buying a Large UPS System?

May 11, 2002

Large UPS implementations require significant investments. Here are some guidelines to help make the correct decision 

Stop Pirates in their Tracks

April 12, 2002

Software locks offer better compatibility and cost less to develop

Voice @ Work

April 12, 2002

Sound is usually the domain of audio freaks. CD ripping, DJing, mixing, adding special effects…. But is that what sound is all about? Can I, working in an office, use ...

How Text-to-Speech Works

April 12, 2002

The text that you type is matched against acoustic data to generate phenomes. These are  converted to speech wave forms that your PC speaks out

Get from Web. Stream on Intranet

April 12, 2002

Developed by PCQuest, this is a concept to aggregate content from the Web, convert it to speech and stream it over an intranet

Audio on your Intranet

April 12, 2002

Tired of taking down minutes in meetings? Maybe it’s time to stream it over your Intranet

Office Apps can Sound Good

April 12, 2002

Add sound in Word and PowerPoint applications

Speech-recognition Tech

April 12, 2002

The technology behind speech recognition

Speak to Office XP

April 12, 2002

Speech recognition comes bundled with Office XP and lets you dictate text and access menu items using your voice 

Audio in Mobiles

April 12, 2002

Where it’s reached, and where it’s expected to head

What Do you See?

April 10, 2002

Like everything else, displays are getting sleeker and thinner. What are the technologies that have made this possible?

How Win XP Boots Faster

April 10, 2002

It implements a new boot loader and coordinates better with the BIOS

What Linux Directories Do

March 15, 2002

Like Windows creates standard directories (like, System, Program files and temp), Linux also creates them with specific purposes. Let’s see the most common ones