Tech Explained

New Names, new domains

October 1, 2001

How is a different from an Seven new top-level domain nomenclature get more specific

Download Only Useful Mail

October 1, 2001

If you’re frustrated with unwanted e-mail, then try using e-mail poppers

Building a SAN

September 19, 2001

Components you will use to build a SAN and what various vendors have on offer

Evolution of Enterprise Storage

September 19, 2001

A look at DAS, NAS, and SAN—the three main topologies used in enterprise storage

New-age Storage

September 17, 2001

The emerging area of enterprise storage has solutions like NAS, SAN, and now IP-based storage, which use your existing network infrastructure and TCP/IP to deliver storage traffic


September 17, 2001

New software can automate a robot’s motions making it easier to operate under dangerous situations

What Is Linux?

September 6, 2001

This operating system comes with development software, text editors,
Internet and graphics manipulation tools—all for free

Supercomputing With Linux

September 6, 2001

Beowulf, the supercomputer running Linux, created those spectacular visual effects in Titanic

Your Corporate Intranet Server

September 6, 2001

Linux pre-installs all software necessary to set up an intranet server

Why Linux?

September 6, 2001

Surely you have heard about Linux. Anyone who has anything to do with computing, or is interested in contemporary events would have. You ...

Accelerated X

September 6, 2001

High-performance X servers for Linux and other Unix platforms

Paper-thin Displays

August 11, 2001

OLED technology can be used to make thin, versatile, and low-power displays with clear, high-contrast images

Huge Capacity with AFC

August 11, 2001

There are three ways to increase the capacity of a hard disk: increase the area of a ...

Jumbo Hard Drives

August 11, 2001

Storage space on hard drives doesn’t seem to have an upper limit. A new standard will break the current 137 GB storage limit, while AFC media will increase the density at which data is packed on the drive

CPUs of Carbon

August 11, 2001

From amongst the possible new ways that can be used to deliver faster microelectronics, molecular electronics holds ...

Processing at the Speed of Light

August 11, 2001

Consider this. An optical computer in a single hour can carry out an operation that would take a conventional electronic computer more than eleven years! Mind-boggling?

Server Clustering

August 11, 2001

How it works and its benefits in server availability, performance, and management

Browse without IE

August 11, 2001

The world of browsers extends far beyond IE and Netscape Communicator. This world is occupied by alternate ...

Spying on Spy Planes

August 10, 2001

Technology used in cellphone communication will soon be able to bust the cover off spy planes

Dust Gets Smart

July 14, 2001

Devices the size of dust particles incorporate computation, power, sensor, and communication capabilities