Tech Explained

Using Linux on Notebooks

July 7, 2001

With minor tweaking, you can easily use your Linux notebook for e-mail, chat, surfing, listening to music… and even as a gateway to the Internet for the rest

Hardware Compatibility

July 6, 2001

You can find device drivers for Linux more easily now, but check this out before you buy any hardware

The Two Towers

July 6, 2001

Linux is not about anti-Microsoft, or being like Microsoft. It’s about change, and the community effort required in bringing about that change

Cobalt’s Qube2

July 6, 2001

Is costly and leaves a lot to be desired

Is Free Software Insecure?

July 6, 2001

It’s commonly believed that open source software is not secure. In fact, the opposite is true

Beyond Virus Scans

June 18, 2001

Junk mail and obscene content are fast becoming the bane of everyone. A new genre of software helps you filter unwanted content from the Web

Smell that Perfume Online

June 18, 2001

It will soon be possible to send a scented e-card or taste a chocolate online. Here’s a closer look at some new technologies that will enhance our virtual reality experience

Hardware for Embedded Devices

June 18, 2001

Universal Micro system is a general-purpose hardware that can be programmed and used to develop applications for different embedded devices

A Programmable Graphics Chip

June 18, 2001

GeForce 3, NVIDIA’s new GPU, can be programmed by game developers

An Intelligent Web with SunONE

June 18, 2001

This smart and context-sensitive system promises to unite applications from all ‘Webs’ and make them work in tandem. They can deliver information based on who you are, where you are, and what you are doing at a particular time

The Firewall Primer

June 16, 2001

Simply put, a firewall is a device, software or hardware based, which can control the flow of ...

Virtual Private Networks

May 6, 2001

A cost-effective way for organizations to connect geographically separated networks

How POP3 Works 

May 6, 2001

What happens when your mail client sets off to fetch mail from your POP3 server

HailStorm Raises Hackles

May 6, 2001

This open platform Web services initiative from Microsoft has raised apprehensions that the company may try to dominate the market by tying its own applications and operating systems to the technology

What will Succeed PCI?

May 6, 2001

The PCI bus, which has been the industry standard for almost a decade, is now showing strains of age. Many new technologies that promise faster bus speeds are gearing up to replace it

Supply-chain Management

May 6, 2001

It’s all about anticipating and fulfilling your customer’s needs. Here are some  integrated solutions that help you process demand and supply for your goods

CNR Slots on Motherboards

April 4, 2001

These slots allow integration of audio, modem, and networking on the same card

Introducing Soap

April 4, 2001

This new protocol uses HTTP with XML to enable cross-platform communication of applications over the Internet

How E-mail Works

April 4, 2001

When you click the Send button in your mail client, a complex process starts off, to ensure that your mail is delivered to the right person. A look at how this process works

How MTS Components Work

March 3, 2001

What stateful and stateless components are, why MTS components need to be stateless, and how to work with them