Tech Explained

Introducing Soap

April 4, 2001

This new protocol uses HTTP with XML to enable cross-platform communication of applications over the Internet

How E-mail Works

April 4, 2001

When you click the Send button in your mail client, a complex process starts off, to ensure that your mail is delivered to the right person. A look at how this process works

How MTS Components Work

March 3, 2001

What stateful and stateless components are, why MTS components need to be stateless, and how to work with them

Is Broadband Ready for You?

March 3, 2001

What exactly is broadband? Do you really need it? What exactly would you use it for? What choices are available? How do they compare? What equipment do you need? Who ...

Broadband Service Providers in India

March 3, 2001

Click here to know the current broadband scenario in India Just like theISP boom some time ago, a wave of broadband service providers has now hit the market. The players include ...

Broadband Hardware Providers in India

March 1, 2001

With broadband emerging in a big way, several vendors have started fueling the market with lots of broadband equipment. Here’s a list of some vendors and the equipment they have on offer. ...

Broadband in Thiruvananthapuram

March 1, 2001

User experience shows that broadband has a long way to go here

Security with Broadband

March 1, 2001

Your ‘always on’ Internet connection makes your PC more susceptible to security hazards. A look at the threats and precautions you can take


March 1, 2001

DOCSIS is a set of specifications that define the requirements for interoperability between cable modems and the cable network

How DSL Works

March 1, 2001

Digital Subscriber Line is becoming a popular broadband technology. Here’s a look at different types of DSL and how the technology works

Understanding Cable Modems

March 1, 2001

A look at the different types of cable modems and how they transfer Internet data over your cable TV network

Why Broadband?

March 1, 2001

Broadband can take your Internet experience much beyond downloads and give you access to a lot of useful applications

Communicate Anywhere, Any Way

February 28, 2001

A wireless device that combines phone, fax, e-mail, SMS, and Internet and intranet access, and supports both GPRS and tri-band GSM

Aid for Low Vision

February 11, 2001

The Nomad will help people with low vision to see better, by creating high resolution images directly on the retina

The Battle over DeCSS

February 11, 2001

The code that lets users decrypt the contents of a DVD to play it on Linux and other open-source OSs has led to legal wrangles and raging debates on the Net. What is the argument all about? 

Inside the Pentium 4

February 11, 2001

With this new microprocessor, Intel has changed to a new architecture

Faster Memory

February 9, 2001

How DDR SDRAM, compared to conventional SDRAM, doubles data throughput in your PC

Security Algorithms

February 1, 2001

The techniques involved in authentication and conducting secure e-transactionsq

Secure your Desktop and E-mail

February 1, 2001

Viruses, trojans, hackers on the prowl

Films Online

January 3, 2001

Technologies like DivX and DeCSS have set the stage for distributing good-quality digital video online. What does the future hold?