Tech Explained

Broadband in Delhi

January 3, 2001

Internet over cable performs better than dial-up, not to mention the savings in telephone charges

Getting Ready for Broadband?

January 3, 2001

An overview of how various broadband technologies are set up

What Digital Certificates do

January 1, 2001

In the virtual world even your signature is not sufficient proof of your identity. Your e-mail can easily be read by prying eyes. Digital certificates are solutions to both these problems

Security Threats to your Desktop

January 1, 2001

Any PC is prone to attack, so let’s analyze the gaps and plug them

Magic with Multimedia

January 1, 2001

Wave your magic wand and take control of music and movies

Let’s Make Movies

January 1, 2001

The technology behind video on your PC

Let’s Talk Music

January 1, 2001

Some popular audio formats, and how they differ

A Lie Detector in your Pocket

December 31, 2000

This portable lie detector analyzes your voice to determine whether you’re telling the truth

New Technologies for the Web

November 29, 2000

Focused crawlers give accurate results by specializing in one or few topics, while Memex-type browsers give information on the basis of past surfing experiences

Audrey for Your Home

November 29, 2000

An appliance that offers a date book, address book, e-mail, and Net access for your entire family

Filtering Focused Information

November 10, 2000

How search engines tap into the social network  of the World Wide Web to produce focused results

Setting up VLANs

October 3, 2000

Use Virtual Local Area Networks to break your network into logical units, making it faster and easier to manage

Understanding Geek Talk

October 3, 2000

Find it difficult to understand all those hardware terms? Here are some simple explanations

Search Engines

October 3, 2000

The prominent ones, how they work, and emerging technologies

Gadget World

September 5, 2000

The latest in gadgets—from wristwatch-sized cellphones  to pocket digital cameras

Behind the Scenes

September 4, 2000

How speech recognition works


September 4, 2000

RDRAM has higher bandwidth, but doesn’t show much difference in performance vis-à-vis SDRAM

Schoolbag in your Pocket

September 4, 2000

Access your syllabus in e-textbooks, take notes, make your own study material

Molecular Computing

September 4, 2000

Silicon-based microprocessors can’t get smaller indefinitely, so what comes after them?

Setting Up a Cyber Café

August 31, 2000

Based on your budget and the number of prospective visitors, your cyber café could range from 1-3 PCs and go up to any number Cyber Café seems to be the buzzword ...