Tech Explained

Search Engines

October 3, 2000

The prominent ones, how they work, and emerging technologies

Gadget World

September 5, 2000

The latest in gadgets—from wristwatch-sized cellphones  to pocket digital cameras

Behind the Scenes

September 4, 2000

How speech recognition works


September 4, 2000

RDRAM has higher bandwidth, but doesn’t show much difference in performance vis-à-vis SDRAM

Schoolbag in your Pocket

September 4, 2000

Access your syllabus in e-textbooks, take notes, make your own study material

Molecular Computing

September 4, 2000

Silicon-based microprocessors can’t get smaller indefinitely, so what comes after them?

Setting Up a Cyber Café

August 31, 2000

Based on your budget and the number of prospective visitors, your cyber café could range from 1-3 PCs and go up to any number Cyber Café seems to be the buzzword ...

Goodbye Keyboards

August 9, 2000

A primer on the various techniques a device can use to recognize your handwriting

Wireless Application Protocol

July 31, 2000

Access your office intranet, browse the Net, check e-mail, do e-shopping…all through your cellphone

Walk and Charge

July 31, 2000

Coming soon to a store near you—shoes that can power devices like cellphones and MP3 players

IPv6: Under the Hood

July 7, 2000

How IPv6 addressing works.


July 7, 2000

This new Internet Protocol is laying the foundation for the future of the Internet. You can also be part of the development effort.


June 19, 2000

A futuristic software for PC-less connectivity to the Web

How Much RAM?

June 12, 2000

64 MB is minimum for normal office work, but you’ll need at least 128 MB for more intense stuff

Decompiling Java Code

June 12, 2000

Platform independence and object-oriented nature of Java make it vulnerable to easy decompilation

An electric Net

May 1, 2000

You connect to the Internet over telephone, or over network cables. Nothing new in that. What about accessing the Net through your electric socket? ...

Intel’s 820 Chipset

May 1, 2000

For the higher end, faster AGP and FSB, can support RDRAM and up to two processors

Getting in Sync

April 4, 2000

A universal data synchronization protocol is on its way