Tech Explained

IPv6: Under the Hood

July 7, 2000

How IPv6 addressing works.


July 7, 2000

This new Internet Protocol is laying the foundation for the future of the Internet. You can also be part of the development effort.


June 19, 2000

A futuristic software for PC-less connectivity to the Web

How Much RAM?

June 12, 2000

64 MB is minimum for normal office work, but you’ll need at least 128 MB for more intense stuff

Decompiling Java Code

June 12, 2000

Platform independence and object-oriented nature of Java make it vulnerable to easy decompilation

An electric Net

May 1, 2000

You connect to the Internet over telephone, or over network cables. Nothing new in that. What about accessing the Net through your electric socket? ...

Intel’s 820 Chipset

May 1, 2000

For the higher end, faster AGP and FSB, can support RDRAM and up to two processors

Getting in Sync

April 4, 2000

A universal data synchronization protocol is on its way

Preventing Fires

January 11, 2000

Understanding firewalls and how they’re setup can help secure your network

Your Third Generation Cellphone

January 7, 2000

Third generation mobile devices will be Internet-enabled and always connected, capable of transmitting large amounts of data as well as voice

From SMS to Multimedia Messaging

January 7, 2000

Text messaging is possible today with cellphones. But the icing on the cake would be the ability to send multimedia-enriched instant messages from cellphone to cellphone

More Bandwidth with GPRS

January 7, 2000

This packet-based service promises data speeds up to 115 kbps on your mobile device

Internet through Cable TV network

January 4, 2000

With speeds that let you download the Encyclopaedia Britannica in 3 seconds flat, cable modems could herald the end of the World Wide Wait

Knowledge Initiatives at Infosys

January 3, 2000

A visual tour of the Infosys Knowledge Management system