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Technology is the driving force behind improvements in healthcare sector in India. The changing technology makes it hard to believe on the new inventions in healthcare sector.

No doubt health IT is impacting many aspects of our lives as breakthroughs in data collection, research and treatments allow medical providers to use new tools and find fresh and innovative ways to practice medicine into the future.The increased accessibility of treatment is one of the most tangible ways that technology has changed healthcare.

Tech-health is serving many more opportunity of exploration and research, which allows experts to make healthcare effective than it has ever been.The key focus in the whole process is patient care. The use of information technology has made patient care safer and more reliable in most applications.

To record important patient data and then sharing it instantly within their updated medical history is an excellent illustration of the benefits of health IT.Being able to accumulate lab results, records of vital signs and other critical patient data into one centralized area has transformed the level of care and efficiency a patient can expect to receive when they enter the healthcare system.


Software Improves Healthcare and Disease Control

The companies which are making software and applications allows medical professionals and researchers to track, retrieve and utilize valuable data in the fight to control disease and provide better healthcare outcomes in general.

Software also plays a pivotal role in tracking procedures and using billing methods that not only reduce paperwork levels, but also allow practitioners to use this data to improve quality of care and all around efficiency.

Doctors report that they are deriving enormous benefits from the drive toward a total system of electronic medical records; patients enjoy the fact that software has created a greater degree of transparency in the healthcare system.

In India the tech-health companies in healthcare sector is centered mainly around appointment booking, cloud-based healthcare information systems, and online pharmacy providers, with a couple of startups engaged in cutting edge hardware and genomics research. Here are 10 Indian healthcare startups you should know about:

  • Healthifyme- Fitness app


HealthifyMe is an Indian digital Weight loss platform that provides fitness services  founded by Tushar Vashisht.  Developed for both Android and IOS platforms, the application provides calorie tracking, water tracking and on-the-cloud fitness coaching. In addition to these, the app takes the gamified approach to keep users motivated.

Users with premium subscription get to choose from a team of in-house nutritionists, fitness trainers and Yogacoaches, who are certified by international organizations and certifications such as International Sports Science Association (ISSA), American Council on Exercise (ACE) and others. Through this, HealthifyMe combines human assistance with wearable technology as the app syncs with activity trackers.

Talking to PC Quest Nivedida VP, Business Development says ‘In terms of technology we provide very personalize advice to each of our users. We take our app and corporate health challenge for all employees of our client company’.

‘When we partners with hospitals where our nutritionists interact with patient & hospitals for wellness and health checkup or relevant OPD department as well’ she added.

2) Practo-  Practice management, Healthcare search platform



Sequoia Capital-funded Practo provides healthcare solutions for healthcare providers and consumers. Practo Search lets patients to browse through doctor profiles online and book appointments, while Practo Ray, serves as a practice management solution for healthcare providers to manage patient data and digital healthcare records. Founded by Abhinav Lal, Shashank ND, Headquartered in Bengaluruthe company added specialty specific modules for Physicians, Paediatricians and Dentists to Practo Ray. Practo is active in 35 Indian cities, and in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, and acquired Fitho, Genii, Quikwell and InstaHealth in 2015.

For millions of people, Practo is the trusted and familiar home where they know they’ll find a healing touch. It connects them with everything they need to take good care of themselves and their family – assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, booking diagnostic tests, obtaining medicines, storing health records or learning new ways to live healthier.

Healthcare providers can also harness the power of Practo as the definitive platform that helps them build their presence, grow establishments and engage patients more deeply than ever.

3) NetMeds- Online pharmacy

NetMeds is a major online pharmacy company serving Indian consumers living in India and abroad. Offering prescription medicines and other health products across India, covering Tier 2 and 3 cities and villages. Founded by Pradeep Dadha, Headquartered in Chennai, the startup provides low-cost generic drugs as alternatives prescription medicines, and delivers orders in three to seven working days. Payments can be made via card or cash, with charges of Rs. 49 apply for cash on delivery orders less than Rs. 1,000. Online pharmacy services are a brand new concept in India, because the development of online pharmacies in the country was not begun until 2015. One of the first Indian online pharmacy companies in operation, Netmeds provides online ordering and mail delivery of prescription and non-prescription medications.
WayForward- App based mental healthcare solutions

Wayforward Health Pvt. Ltd, offers mental healthcare solutions through its mobile platform wayForward. wayForward is an app-based programme that uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and other techniques to treat anxiety, depression and stress. It offers both self-guided and coach-guided programmes, with prices ranging from Rs 100 to several thousand depending on the level of service.

Talking on the Technology used Ritvik the founder of Wayforward says    ‘ we use hybrid application based on the servers like ANGULAR JS, NOTE JS development platform. In terms of technology like machine learning app and artificial intelligence WayForward is going to make a big change in making healthcare more affordable and more accessible to more people ‘.

‘We already have programs for stress anxiety and Depression in our app and building more programs within each of the section and spreading our network in more and more hospitals and insurance companies also. We provide them the best digital solution from our end’ he further.


  • Portea- Online pharmacy

Operational in 25 Indian cities and Malaysia, Portea provides a marketplace for in-home healthcare services.Founded by Ganesh Krishnan, Headquartered in BengaluruPortea services include doctor consultations, physiotherapy, postnatal care, nursing, eldercare, and lab tests. Portea  alsooffers a wide range of medical equipments including beds & mattresses, cardiac range, mobility range and respiratory range equipments. Visit: to view the entire catalogue.


Portea’s trained attendants help the customers with administering oral         medication, administering oxygen and stoma care, managing feeding tubes, assistance in ambulation, monitoring vitals or patients, personal grooming for the patient and more.  And The frequency of doctor visits varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan. Through its care+ package, one can avail nursing attendant service, nurse visits, doctor visits, physiotherapy, equipment rentals and more. It also give customized plans for those with a need.


  • Doctor Insta- App-based voice and video medical consultations

Seven hundred consultations a day and Rs 10 crore in the bag at the end of 2016. This is what Doctor Insta, a healthcare startup which offers app-based voice and video medical consultations, is aiming for in its very first year of operations. And that too with only 40 doctors on its panel.

The app provides looking and listening to patients are two of the primary abilities that Doctors leverage to diagnose the most common medical conditions. All of our Physicians at Doctor Insta are trained to conduct such examination and provide you the best possible solution to your Medical Problems.

“We intend to generate demand and match that demand with the number of doctors needed. We are not a marketplace and so the number of doctors we want to empanel is not that important for us,” says Amit Munjal, co-founder and CEO, Doctor Insta. “We need only 30-40 doctors working 8-9 hours a day.”

Now, using its cutting-edge Video Medicine Technology through Web, Android and iOS, Doctor Insta solves all the above mentioned situations. Munjal says that his highly educated and trained doctors on the panel give the best possible advice in 15-30 mins and his company’s services are available “Anytime, Anywhere” for his patients 24x7x365.

Doctor Insta has two different apps. One is for the doctors who use the app to manage their appointments, key-in their availability and other hospital related information. The other app is for the patients/users to maintain their records and for video conferencing. Unlike other telemedicine operators, Doctor Insta does not believe in charging subscription fees but patients pay only for their e-visits. Mujal has three different models for a sustainable approach to his business.


8) Lybrate-  App-based doctor consultation
Delhi-based Lybrate provides an online and app-based doctor consultation platform to connect to healthcare specialists from diverse fields including ayurveda and homeopathy. Patients can consult online with over 90,000 healthcare practitioners in across 30 Indian cities.

Lybrate helps in seeking the best way for medical help. It ensures easy access to doctors for billion people, creating an experience that is truly magical for both healthcare experts and users.

This is highly evolved and easy-to-use practice management software. It enables doctors to manage information for one or more clinics. Doctors can be in touch with their patients and manage their practice on the go with Lybrate app

One can ask queries for free or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors on payment of fees online. Using your ubiquitous mobile phone, anonymously communicate with doctors from various specialties.



8) Axtria

Axtria’s healthcare solution is designed to embed and integrate with client’s key business processes across dimensions of members, claims and health management. The ability to be the first “mover” to capitalize on market opportunities positions one as being innovative, customer focused, and an industry leader. The company’s expertise lies in its solutions which cater to the key challenges facing the industry and delivers them with maximum agility in a manner that makes these solutions sustainable.

Manish Mittal, Managing Principal & VP Global Delivery, Axtria says, “Axtria was created because we saw both a tremendous opportunity and an unmet need in the market place. Data sources were exploding in both volume and variety, and there had never been such an opportunity to optimize commercial decision making with data driven insights. Despite such opportunity, there was a real gap in the ability to deliver on the vision. The answer wasn’t a product or technology. It wasn’t something your traditional IT services or management consulting firm could deliver. It needed a different approach. It needed a new combination of analytical people, process and data science technology along with deep domain experience, technical skills and most importantly – an understanding of the industry data itself.

We created Axtria in 2009 to address this unmet need in a new way. We chose to focus on the Life Sciences to begin with and invested heavily in domain experience. We knew how to be successful but to add value to our customers, we needed to specialize. We also saw a tremendous opportunity with the cloud. As the industry moved at pace and data sources continued to grow, it would provide a platform of agility, flexibility and scalability.

Our journey has been very exciting and we have not looked back since. Driving a culture obsessed with customer satisfaction, we continue to grow at pace.  In just over 7 years, we now have 850+ employees across North America, India & Europe and 70+ customers, including 8 out of the top 10 life science companies.”


9) DocsApp- Mobile medical consultation platform

DocsApp is a mobile medical consultation platform which provides consultation for patients over chat with estimated turnaround times of 30 minutes.

DocsApp was founded in 2015 by IIT-Madras alumni – Satish Kannan and EnbasekarDinadayalane at the IIT-Madras Research Park.

Ask a Doctor is a convenient way of consulting a Doctor using our phone app. Consulting a specialist doctor is just a tap away. No more traveling in traffic or waiting in the Doctor’s office for an appointment. Simply connect to a specialist through our app and get your queries answered.

It is a platform for doctors to provide consultation using the mobile app. Answer queries from patients in and around the locality clinic / hospital and get noticed.

DocsApp has a lot of features that will make you want to download the app and start using instantly.

1.They have specialist doctors from dept such as  Gynac, Dermatology, General medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry who provide consultations on DocsApp.

2.Patients can get consultation through Chat or Call methods and also upload pictures of affected areas or medical reports. It is like Whatsapp for patients and doctors.

  1. Patients can also get diagnostic tests done at home.
  2. On DocsApp, patients can consult a doctor from the comfort of the home and 5. receive the same quality consultation.

6.Diagnostic tests are also arranged at home through the app and the reports get automatically uploaded into the app. Patients can save time, effort and money by consulting online.

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