Tech Trends That will Take Over In 2018

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‘Innovation is Change that unlocks new value’. – Jamie Notter

Technology is a sphere that has seen innovation on a constant basis. Every day a new kind of product is launched that consumers didn’t even know they would require.

Growth and development in the information technology sector are never-ending. Every year there is set of tech trends that make a mark in the market. Some IT trends remain the same for some years and others are taken over by new innovations.

So let’s check-out the future technology trends that will dominate 2018:

  1. Cars will get smarter in 2018. In 2017, current technology trends in cars were anticipated to take a new shape. And driverless cars have paved the way for the battery-powered transport system. Further, in the year 2018, these innovations will be put under the scanner, as they would enter the customer sphere. Connections through the internet will be the major part of future technology trends. These tech trends will fill the gap between the present kind of cars and the more connected and comfortable cars of the future.


  1. Blockchain technology will top the list of tech trends of 2018. From its inception in 1991, it has been believed to be an innovative invention. It has grown largely and progressively over the years and has been the backbone of the new style of the internet. Many organizations have benefitted from this tech trend in the year 2017 to improve their economic and finance market. In 2018, it plans to go far beyond its foundational regions and would provide the marketplace with various application offerings. Also, there would be more implementation of coins, as Entherium coin in the Blockchain wallet.


  1. Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town this year. AI has reached a global platform with interesting inventions. It is further expected to blow everyone’s mind with much greater future technology trends. In 2018, it is believed to reach all around the social media platforms, dating and matrimonial website.

The It trends for 2018 don’t end here. The list is long and would be carried forward in the second part of the article. Very Soon!

Stay Techy!

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