Apple to Release its iPad Pro Featuring AI

On May 7, at the Let Loose event, Apple is scheduled to unveil its new iPad range. Many speculations and conjectures regarding the new lineup's potential are circulating before the event.

Kapish Khajuria
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Apple to release its iPad Pro


  • With the M4 processor, Apple intends to provide the first iPad Pro with true AI capabilities.
  • It is anticipated that the next iPad Pro model will sport an OLED screen.
  • The iPad Air series is also anticipated to see significant improvements.

On May 7, at the Let Loose event, Apple is scheduled to unveil its new iPad range. Many speculations and conjectures regarding the new lineup's potential are circulating before the event. The rumors that Apple intends to use the new M4 processor to turn the iPad Pro into a fully AI-powered device have raised expectations for the next iPad Pro series.

In his recent newsletter, technology pundit Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg, divulges intriguing insights into Apple's strategic shift towards prioritizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its upcoming generation of iPad Pro. This heralds a significant departure from conventional tablet functionality, positioning the new iPad Pro as Apple's inaugural "truly AI-powered device," boasting formidable processing capabilities.


At the heart of this AI-centric approach lies the much-anticipated M4 chip, purportedly equipped with a next-generation neural engine finely tuned to augment AI functionalities. While originally earmarked for forthcoming Mac models slated for later in 2024, Gurman speculates a compelling likelihood that Apple might introduce the M4 chip within the confines of the new iPad Pro.

This latest revelation from Gurman supplements his prior observations regarding Apple's accelerated pace in processor enhancements. Notably, Apple has found itself trailing in the AI arena compared to industry rivals such as Google and Samsung, both of whom have integrated AI technologies into their devices. Consequently, with this year's product lineup and software updates, Apple is poised to make significant strides, heralding a substantial overhaul of its devices with a pronounced emphasis on AI integration.

Apple iPad Pro Updates and upcoming features with M4 chip


Gurman further anticipates Apple's robust marketing campaign, spotlighting the iPad Pro (M4) as the epicenter of its AI initiative, potentially setting a precedent for a similar AI-centric approach with the forthcoming iPhone 16, rumored to debut the A18 chip with enhanced AI capabilities.

The impending iPad Pro lineup is anticipated to offer more than just AI enhancements driven by the M4 chip. Reports suggest the inclusion of an OLED display, a technology synonymous with iPhones, promising heightened visual clarity and prolonged battery life. Furthermore, speculation abounds regarding potential upgrades to the Apple Pencil, with murmurs of haptic feedback integration, poised to revolutionize the drawing and note-taking experience for users.

Beyond the iPad Pro, Apple appears poised to enact substantial changes to its iPad Air range. Foremost among these alterations is the purported introduction of a larger 12.9-inch variant, supplementing the existing 10.9-inch model. If substantiated, this marks a significant departure for the iPad Air, providing consumers with a broader array of size options. The larger iteration is anticipated to feature a mini-LED display akin to its predecessor, the iPad Pro, promising enhanced luminosity and contrast.

Moreover, the iPad Air may witness performance enhancements, potentially incorporating the M2 or M3 chip for heightened speed and functionality. However, reports indicate a lack of plans for a new Magic Keyboard tailored for the iPad Air, thus further delineating the distinctions between the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

It is imperative to underscore that these insights are predicated on rumors and leaks, with concrete details slated for confirmation during Apple's much-anticipated "Let Loose" event scheduled for May 7. Nevertheless, the speculation points towards substantial advancements for both the iPad Pro and iPad Air, potentially appealing to a broader demographic with improved performance, display quality, and design aesthetics.