Apple WWDC 2024: From iOS 18 release to Apple ChatGPt integration

Apple recently hosted one of its most transformative Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynotes, unveiling significant artificial intelligence (AI) features set to arrive on its iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems later this year.

Kapish Khajuria
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WWDC 2024 iOS 18 and Apple ChatGPT

Apple recently hosted one of its most transformative Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynotes, unveiling significant artificial intelligence (AI) features set to arrive on its iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems later this year. While attendees did not witness a dramatic showcase of generative AI capabilities, the announcements were nevertheless impactful and captivated the WWDC audience.


iOS 18: Advanced Customization and Features

Among the key updates, iOS 18 brings substantial enhancements in user customization and functionality. Users will enjoy increased flexibility with their home screens and control centers, including the ability to lock specific apps using Face ID for added security. Other notable improvements include upgrades to Messages, Mail, and Maps, along with a major redesign for the Photos app.

A particularly anticipated feature is the inclusion of Rich Communication Services (RCS) support for iMessage, facilitating seamless interaction with Android users and ending the long-standing green bubble vs. blue bubble debate. RCS support enhances media transfer capabilities and reliability over traditional SMS and MMS.


Apple is also introducing 'Genmojis,' allowing users to generate stickers or emojis by entering text prompts. This feature also extends to creating more sophisticated images. The 'Image Wand' will refine existing sketches and descriptions to generate new visuals, offering an innovative way to enhance messaging and creativity.

Siri Overhaul and ChatGPT Integration

The revamp of Siri marks a significant leap forward, powered by Apple Intelligence's generative AI capabilities. Siri will become more "natural, contextual, and personal," promising a streamlined and faster user experience. Visually, Siri will receive a design refresh, featuring glowing lights around the screen's edge when active.


A groundbreaking new feature, 'onscreen awareness, enables Siri to understand and act upon the content displayed on the screen. Additionally, the integration of ChatGPTwith Siri will allow the voice assistant to leverage OpenAI's chatbot for more complex queries. Importantly, users will be consulted before their requests are routed to ChatGPT, ensuring privacy with masked IP addresses and no data retention by OpenAI.

The latest GPT-4o model will also power ChatGPT’s integration across various Apple apps, enhancing tasks such as image generation and writing assistance.

Apple Software Updates Across Devices


While Apple Intelligence was the star of the WWDC, numerous other software updates were announced:

iPadOS 18

It mirrors the features introduced for the iPhone, including enhanced customization options. Notably, the iPad will receive its own calculator app and a floating toolbar that spans multiple built-in apps. A new graphing tool simplifies creating graphs by allowing users to write or type equations, ideal for academic use.


macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia, also known as macOS 15, introduces new Continuity features for seamless access between iPhone and Mac, alongside Safari upgrades like page summaries. A feature dubbed Phone Mirroring allows users to manage iPhone functions from their Mac, utilizing the Mac's keyboard for tasks that might be cumbersome on the iPhone's screen.

watchOS 11


watchOS 11 focuses on enhancing fitness capabilities on the Apple Watch. Features such as Training Load measure workout intensity, while users can pause ring progress for rest days or injuries without losing their streaks. The new Vitals app consolidates health metrics and alerts users to anomalies, and interface improvements enhance smart stacks and Photos watch faces.

visionOS 2

visionOS 2 brings advancements to the Vision Pro software, enabling the conversion of 2D photos into spatial photos and introducing new gesture supports. In a significant move, Apple announced the expansion of its spatial computing headset sales outside the U.S., with availability in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore starting June 28, and in the U.K., Australia, Germany, France, and Canada on July 12.

tvOS 18

Finally, tvOS 18 introduces a feature called InSight, which provides information about actors in the shows you’re watching. This feature operates similarly to Prime Video's X-Ray, though any resemblance is said to be coincidental. Subtitles will now automatically appear when a show is muted or rewound, and dialogue audio will be enhanced for better clarity.