Are you trying to find a good-looking yet reasonably priced TWS with a crisp design and excellent bass, particularly for gaming? If so, this TWS transform X from Nu Republic may be the best choice for you because it offers the ideal balance of style and bass.

Kapish Khajuria
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Nu Republic Transform - X Eearphone

Are you trying to find a good-looking yet reasonably-priced TWS with a crisp design and excellent bass, particularly for gaming? If so, this TWS transform X from Nu Republic may be the best choice for you because it offers the ideal balance of style and bass. It is a great alternative at a reasonable price because it contains 13mm neodymium drivers together with LED lighting.


Budget wireless earphones have come a long way in terms of features and sound quality. But because so many items on the market claim to be the best, it can be difficult to find one that sounds nice and has a decent ANC. Let’s look at the characteristics as tested to see if the Nu Republic TWS meets the specifications it promises to.


Built Quality


The outside and inside of the TWS are both smooth and matte, thanks to its construction of solid plastic. Both the earphones and the case feature a stylish design, and both have captivating LED lights on them. It features a distinctive head-turning design with two sides that open on the front of the case, turning on the RGB lights within. When the earphones are replaced inside the case, the lights go out.

Although the charging case has a premium matte surface and is not readily scratched on the body, its damage control is average. With magnetic earbud positioning, a combination of black and yellow colors, and hall sensors for a fast hookup, it lives up to its moniker as a transformer.



For an immersive experience, it has quad mics and ENC technology with 13mm Neodymium drivers. For a reliable wireless connection, the TWS is equipped with Bluetooth v5.3 technology. Although the case weighs 120g total, the charging case is fairly useful, and the earphones guarantee a good fit, it’s possible that certain consumers won’t find the case to fit well and may reject it for that reason.

The battery life of the Transform-x earphones is 60 hours when fully charged (15 minutes), or up to 10 hours of use. Moreover, Type-C fast charging is supported.

 Design and Touch controls


The earphones are made to support your active way of life and are definitely good in terms of design. It design is exactly like bumble bee car, a transformer theme based style which makes it so attractive. Due to their IPX4 classification, these earphones are impervious to water and mild water splashes. The earbuds’ ergonomic shape ensures that they stay in your ears while working or walking. The earphones provide accurate touch controls for controlling calls and music.

It also has voice assistant functionality, so users can easily use Google Assistant or Siri for hands-free use. It instantly transitions to a 50 ms latency game mode. It provided lag-free gameplay, and we had fun utilizing it to play games like BGMI and COD.



With dynamic drivers, the Nu Republic Transform-X TWS produces a rich, well-balanced sound. The earbuds create a good amount of bass and handle the lows, mids, and highs rather well. They create high sound similarity, so extreme music fans might not find them appealing. The earbuds are passable for accepting calls even in congested areas because of their quad microphones, which reduce background noise.

 Calling and Connectivity Features

Call quality is average while using a phone in a crowded area, but great inside. Even in a noisy atmosphere, the headphones provide plenty of sound. Transform-X TWS is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, making pairing simple. Simply choose a pair after opening the Nu Republic Transform-X earphone case scan on your phone.


After that, the case will automatically connect to the smartphone every time you open it. When utilized, the thin earbuds have a wireless range of up to 10 meters and maintain a reasonable connection for around 7 meters before cutting out.

 Battery life

The Nu Republic Transform-X is said to have a battery life of up to 60 hours and provide nearly 1.5 hours of backup with a 15-min rapid charge. We found that the case takes about two hours to completely charge, and with ordinary use, it may last up to four days.


Price: ₹ 2,099

Key Specs

Gaming Mode: 50ms latency

Bluetooth v5.3

Great Bass Sound


ENC Technology

Touch control

Play Time: 50 Hours


Pros: Loud sound

Catchy Look

RGB LED Lights

Decent Build Quality

Game Mode


Cons: Average fit

The battery indicator on case could be improved


Bottomline: The Nu Republic Transform-X TWS is a feature-rich wireless earphone with a sweat-resistant design and portable charging case. It is a reliable companion for both music and gaming enthusiasts. However, the basic functionality of TWS could be improved.