Know about Latest Apple Products in the Upcoming Let Loose Event

Among the highlights is the introduction of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, which are expected to have larger displays, sleeker designs, and improved performance capabilities.

Preeti Anand
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Apple Let Loose Event

The "Let Loose" event, Apple's first major event of 2024, is scheduled for 7 May. This event will concentrate on the next generation of iPads. Apple's new iPad Pro and iPad Air models are slated to be larger, thinner, and more powerful this year. There will also be updates to their accessories, such as the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The event is slated for 7 May at 7 am PT/7:30 pm IST. The Let Loose event, like the iPhone event, will be a pre-recorded video streamed across many platforms. 


Apple fans have so much to look forward to with the upcoming "Let Loose" event on 7 May, which will be the company's biggest-ever event of 2024. This eagerly awaited event will likely focus on the next generation of iPads, which promises a surprising range of features. Among the highlights is the introduction of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, which are expected to have larger displays, sleeker designs, and improved performance capabilities. With these developments, Apple hopes to reinvent the tablet experience by providing innovative features.

Let's take a detailed look at what we may expect from the Upcoming Let Loose event:

Larger OLED panels for iPad Pro.


The iPad Pro will receive a spectacular change this year as OLED panels are introduced. The 12.9-inch and 11-inch models are rumoured to use OLED technology, which offers better brightness and contrast, providing considerable benefits for creative work or media consumption.

Apple will launch a new M4 chip alongside the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro may be fitted with either the M3 or the brand-new M4 chip. According to Bloomberg's Gurman, Apple may release its M4 chip with Pro iPads and then expand it to the Mac series. If genuine, the M4 processor would significantly increase performance and efficiency, preparing the iPad Pro for years of high-level use.


The front-facing camera is in the middle.

The iPad Pro is expected to follow the base-model iPad's lead in moving the front-facing camera to the landscape bezel, making video conferencing more natural and intuitive.

thinner iPad Pro design


The forthcoming iPad Pro devices are projected to be slimmer than previous generations. The 12.9-inch model's thickness will be reduced by 20%, while the 11-inch model will shrink by 15%. The new OLED screens will enable these more streamlined designs, albeit battery life may be a worry.

New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

Apple is also rumoured to release a new Magic Keyboard, especially for iPad Pro models. The next version will likely have an aluminium base for a more laptop-like feel, a larger trackpad, and potentially a row of function buttons. These modifications may improve productivity and usefulness.


Will Apple raise the prices of its new iPad Pro?

Prices for the new iPad Pro versions are projected to jump by at least $100. Given the anticipated need to purchase new attachments such as the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, the price of a complete iPad Pro package could skyrocket.

Is the Apple Pencil 3 also coming?


The third-generation Apple Pencil is reported to include interchangeable tips, Find My integration, and a "squeeze" gesture for more control options. This updated iteration could meet a broader range of creative needs.

New Apple iPad Air lineup is also on its way.

While the iPad Pro is receiving updates, Apple also plans to refresh the iPad Air family. The 12.9-inch iPad Air is a major addition, the first in the Air range. This larger size may lack the OLED technology of the iPad Pro, but it will have the same LCD panels as earlier generations. Additionally, the front-facing camera will be moved to the landscape bezel.


But there's no new Magic Keyboard for iPad Air versions.

While the iPad Air will receive improvements, the revamped Magic Keyboard will be limited to iPad Pro devices. The forthcoming changes to the iPad Air will surely improve the overall user experience. However, with its expected upgrades and functionality, the updated Magic Keyboard will most likely be limited to iPad Pro devices. This decision could disappoint some iPad Air customers who had hoped to reap the benefits of the improved keyboard accessory. It highlights Apple's strategy of customising its product offerings.

Apple may share the release date of the next iPad OS update.

Along with the hardware announcements, the release date for iPadOS 17.5 is expected to be revealed during the event. Though new features may be limited, expect to hear about improved Find My security and the possibility of new games and apps. Apple is slated to hold its developer's conference, WWDC 2024, in less than a month, during which it may release the new operating system upgrade across devices such as iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and others.


Apple is well known for its originality and capacity to create buzz around releasing new products. There have been rumours of possible new devices, feature enhancements, and possibly even some surprise announcements, so the Upcoming Let Loose event seems no different. This 'Let Loose' event promises to be interesting, whether you're a tech enthusiast or just interested in what's coming up next. As the event develops, stay tuned for all the most recent information.