Top Smart Speakers with Must Have Features in India

Smart speakers have become indispensable in many homes, acting as a central point for accessing information, entertainment, and managing a variety of smart home gadgets.

Preeti Anand
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Smart speakers have become indispensable in many homes, acting as a central point for accessing information, entertainment, and managing a variety of smart home gadgets. These devices provide unprecedented convenience and connectedness, whether playing music, setting reminders, answering queries, or working lights. Their ability to link with other smart devices and services increases their utility, making them an essential component of the connected home ecosystem. An excellent smart speaker is essential in today's connected homes, providing access to music and other audio content and information, tools, and utilities for everyday usage. You can also voice control any smart appliances and Internet of Things goods you own. Naturally, the more features a smart speaker has, the better. However, since audio content is typically the primary use case for a smart speaker, you also need to ensure that the device sounds excellent.


Because smart speakers rely on good voice assistant technology, they are still primarily available from a small number of brands. However, with Google and Amazon offering access to their voice assistants to other businesses, many more options are now accessible across price ranges. Before we go into our recommendations of Top Smart Speakers with Must-Have Features in India, let us know what a smart speaker is.

What is a smart speaker?

Defining a speaker is optional, but explaining what a smart speaker is and how it differs from a regular wired or wireless speaker or speaker system is crucial. It can also use this Internet access for various purposes, such as giving basic information, managing smart home products like light bulbs, air purifiers, and cleaning robots, and even using domestic tools and utilities like alarms, timers, and reminders. Many smart speakers include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing them to be used as standard Bluetooth speakers.


A wall socket must power most smart speakers since they lack a built-in battery. Some smart speakers include a built-in battery and can work remotely, but this is rare in the market.

Amazon Echo Studio offers superior sound quality.

Although the Echo smart speaker collection includes numerous gadgets, none match the Amazon Echo Studio. The Amazon Echo Studio, priced at Rs. 22,999, is one of the smartest speakers available in India today.


With a fantastic five-driver system that includes three mid-range speakers, one tweeter, and one subwoofer, the Amazon Echo Studio produces powerful, crisp, and compelling music that far outperforms everything else in the segment. Combining this with the perks of Amazon's Alexa speech assistant gives you a smart speaker that can do almost anything and sounds fantastic. You can even wirelessly connect the Amazon Echo Studio to a Fire TV device, allowing you to utilise it as a television sound system.

Perhaps the only real disadvantage is the price; for the same money, you can get a decent soundbar or speaker system, and despite its many advantages, the Echo Studio is still only a single speaker. However, it is the loudest and best-sounding single-box smart solution. It deserves to be among our top recommendations of Top Smart Speakers with Must-Have Features in India.

The best smart speaker is Google Nest Audio.


It is uncommon to come across a device with no substantial downsides, and the Google Nest Audio is one such smart speaker. Although comparable to the Google Home smart speaker line, the Rs. 5,655  Google Nest Audio is a significant upgrade in design, sound quality, and the capacity to pick up voice instructions from across the room. Today, you will find many smart speakers for Rs. 10,000.

The Google Nest Audio is available in Chalk (white) and Charcoal (black). It stands upright on a tabletop and looks lovely with its fabric-wrapped body. There is only one physical switch at the back to mute the microphone, and the top of the speaker features a touch-sensitive area for controlling playback, volume, and essential functions. This results in an efficient design that encourages you to use your voice to control the speaker, and voice commands work well on Google Nest Audio.

For Apple fans: Apple HomePod small.


Apple is less dominant in the smart speaker market than Google and Amazon, but the HomePod line recently received a major update. The Apple HomePod mini, priced at Rs. 9,999,, is smaller and less expensive than the original HomePod, making it far more accessible and straightforward. It's also great for highly committed consumers to the Apple ecosystem, as using the smart speaker requires an iOS device and an Apple Music membership.

The smart speaker employs Apple's Siri voice assistant, which, like other comparable helpers, can be activated hands-free using the 'Hey Siri' command. You'll need a paid Apple Music subscription to play specific tunes, as the smart speaker does not support alternative streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music. Apple has announced that its Lossless Audio tier will be supported on the HomePod mini via a future firmware update. You may even utilise two HomePod small speakers as a stereo system. The sound quality is superb given its size and form aspect, and the HomePod small integrates well with the Apple ecosystem, making it a smart choice if you already have Apple products at home.

Mi Smart Speaker is the best inexpensive smart speaker.


Smart speakers have various sizes and shapes, but most options priced below Rs. 2,779 are small. The Mi Smart Speaker provides a robust and powerful sound that rivals the Google Nest Audio while competitively priced at Rs. 3,999. It's a fully functional smart speaker with Google Assistant and a rated sound output of 12W.

While the sound occasionally needed more finesse, the style could be much better than Google and Amazon's more visually appealing fabric-wrapped options. The Mi Smart Speaker is a good value for money with powerful, pleasurable sound and handy smart features. If you are on a tight budget, this option is for Top Smart Speakers with Must-Have Features in India.

The best wireless smart speaker is the Sony SRS-XB402M.


Most smart speakers do not have built-in batteries and must be connected to a wall outlet to operate. However, a few solutions can act as wireless smart speakers. The Sony SRS-XB402M, priced at Rs. 19,990, is among these possibilities among our Top Smart Speakers with Must-Have Features in India.

This is an outstanding smart speaker for various reasons, including direct access to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant via Wi-Fi connectivity, Spotify's Connect function for streaming over Wi-Fi, IP67 dust and water protection, and good sound quality. The Sony SRS-XB402M's built-in battery eliminates the need to keep it plugged in at all times, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

In addition to Wi-Fi-based functions, there is classic Bluetooth connectivity. However, the Sony SRS-XB402M's price and the fact that Alexa's connectivity features do not operate on non-Amazon devices limit this entirely wireless smart speaker's potential.