Techcom LCD TV Tuner Box SSD-TV-722

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If you want to convert your PC's monitor into a TV, then the only piece of hardware you require is this TV tuner box from Techcom. This makes it an attractive offer. Unlike a TV tuner card that goes inside the PC, and you have to turn on the PC to watch TV, you don't have to do any such thing in this. Simply switch on the monitor, and use this box to start watching TV on it. No software installations, no configuration hassles. The device has been specially designed for LCD monitors, but you can also use a CRT monitor with it. Its features include a pre-adjust program memory for 256 channels and it shows the preview for all the channels. You can also connect your digital camera, VCD or TV game player, and watch them on the LCD monitor. For this it has a S-Video input port to connect them. It also has a built-in audio port for your speaker system. The device comes with a remote, which allows you to tune the channels, adjust volume and switch the monitor to TV-Tuner box and PC output. In addition, it also has a few buttons on its front panel for volume control, channel switching, seeing the OSD menu, and switching between TV and video. 


It also has a PIP (Picture in Picture) feature that can show you TV channels and PC simultaneously without a performance hit.

The box comes with an audio cable, a VGA cable, a MMI (multimedia Interface) cable, and a remote control.

Bottom Line: Overall we find this to be a better buy than a TV Tuner card, largely because it's external and doesn't require you to turn on the PC. Moreover, it's very easy to setup and use. The box even has a built-in speaker, and also allows you to preview all programs in 4, 9, or 16 pictures. This makes it convenient for users to quickly hop to a channel of their preference. It supports 8 different output resolutions.

Sanjay Majumder